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The NATO summit begins today in Brussels, and the world is watching how it goes.
The BBC reports there’s already a bit of tension between allies as President Trump called for the other countries to give more money to their defense budgets. Each member is supposed to pay 2% of their economies on defense (since they all agree to help defend each other), but reports say only four of the 29 allies actually spend that much.
Critics say President Trump isn’t looking at the full picture of contributions, and has now already set a combative tone before the NATO meeting begins. The New York Times quotes the European Council President as saying, “The U.S. doesn’t have and won’t have a better ally than the EU.”
Some are also worried the U.S. will be feisty with its allies and then have a friendlier meeting with Russia next week. Don’t forget there’s tension over trade issues, too.

Stay tuned.
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The Wall Street Journal reports the White House is planning tariffs on another $200 billion in Chinese imports (basically a 10% tax on goods coming from China).
Remember: this is on top of other tariffs the U.S. already placed on Chinese goods, which have caused China to retaliate. It, of course, affects businesses and the economy in both countries. So this is upping the ante on what many are already calling a trade war between the world’s two largest economies.
These newest tariffs don’t go into effect just yet. There will be some time for public comment and then a final decision is expected in the fall.
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President Trump pardoned two Oregon ranchers who you might remember hearing about back in 2016.
Dwight Hammond and his son were charged with setting fire to federal land. They were sentenced to prison for it, but then that case inspired an anti-government group to have an armed stand-off with police in Oregon in 2016. It lasted 41 days.
Those groups are happy to hear about the pardon, but now conservation groups are mad. The Oregonian says they believe the president is siding with extremists who don’t believe public land belongs to all Americans.
Read more: OregonianFOX NewsNYT


Some great news from Thailand! All 12 young boys + their soccer coach have been rescued from the flooded cave where they were trapped for more than two weeks. Divers were able to guide the final four boys and their coach through the murky water and bring them to safety.
Thailand’s Navy SEALs wrote on their Facebook page, “We are not sure if this is a miracle, or science or what. All the thirteen Wild Boars are now out of the cave.” Wild Boars is the name of the soccer team.

Also, see the four Navy SEALs who stayed down with the boys in the cave here. They're all out safely now.
CBS News reports the boys were given anti-anxiety meds for the journey, and then taken to the hospital. They’ll now be quarantined there for several days because of their weakened immune systems and risk of infection.
Read more: CBS NewsCNN


We now know France gets a spot in the World Cup finalFrance beat Belgiumyesterday 1-0.

Today, Croatia and England will face-off for that second spot in the final. To be continued...
Read more: ESPNFIFA


Augmented reality is coming to your Facebook feed - specifically the adsyou see in that feed. TechCrunch reports Facebook is testing these AR ads with a few companies right now.
The ads may give you a chance to “try on” products, like seeing virtual sunglasses or makeup on your face. The ads will look similar to those typical sponsored posts you’re used to, but they'll also have an option to do something like “tap to try it on.” That’s the augmented reality part.
One more thing about Facebook: CNN reports Britain is fining Facebook the maximum amount (£500,000) for the whole Cambridge Analytica thing (that consulting firm who got a hold of millions of Facebook users’ data without their permission).
Read more: TechCrunch


The food delivery service Postmates is coming to 100 more cities and neighborhoods in the U.S., giving smaller areas a chance to try it.

Fast Company reports Postmates is also teaming up with Chipotle to deliver burritos in more locations. To celebrate that one, you can get Chipotle delivered for free now through Sunday. Well, the delivery part is free – you still have to pay for the food.
Postmates lets you order from various different restaurants, convenience stores, and grocery stores on-demand and then delivers the food to your door, usually for a small fee.
Read more: The VergeFast Company


Say goodbye to peanuts on all Southwest flights -- soon. The airline said it’s getting rid of peanuts as a snack option starting August 1st.

Why? Too many travelers with peanut-related allergies. NPR reports the airline wants to make all customers feel safe and welcome.

CNBC adds that Southwest is not the only airline that has ditched peanuts. American and United already stopped serving peanuts on board (although they still serve other food that may have nuts unless a passenger notifies the airlines in advance).
Read more: CNBCNPR


It’s that time again! July 11th is of course 7/11, and every year that means free Slurpees at 7-ElevenYou can get a free small-size slurpee drink for free by stopping by the convenience store between 11 a.m. and 7 pm today. 7-Eleven says it expects to give out 9 million slurpees across the country by the end of the day.
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