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The decision has been made. President Trump picked federal appeals court judge Brett Kavanaugh as his nominee to become a U.S. Supreme Court Justice.
So who is Judge Brett Kavanaugh? USA Today reports he’s 53 and experienced. He’s served on the second- most powerful court. He used to be an aide to President George W. Bush and one of Justice Anthony Kennedy’s clerks. Remember, he’s set to replace Justice Kennedy, who is retiring soon.

He's described as a conservative. In fact, Bloomberg reports, if the Senate confirms him, this could be the most conservative Supreme Court we’ve seen in generations.
President Trump said, “There is no one in America more qualified for this position.”

Critics either say he’s too much of a Washington insider or they worry about how he’ll impact past rulings on abortion and gay marriage.

Of course, Kavanaugh still needs the Senate to confirm him, and that’s not guaranteed.
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Today is the deadline for infants and toddlers, who were taken from their parents when they crossed the U.S. border, to be reunited with their parents. The AP reports about half of the 100 or so children covered in a court-ordered deadline will actually be reconnected today.
Remember: a federal judge ruled that all the families separated when they crossed the border illegally in recent months be reunited within 30 days, and the judge made it just 14 days for those children four years old and younger. Well, it’s been 14 days.

So today, the government says 50-60 young children and their parents are set to be reunited and then set free in the U.S. until their immigration cases go to court (which can take months or years).
What about the others? Well, the Washington Post reports either the kids haven’t been matched with their parents yet, or the parents haven’t been cleared to take custody. Still, the judge seems happy about the progress, and more should get figured out at another court hearing today.
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President Trump is heading to Brussels today for the NATO meeting starting tomorrow.

Meanwhile: as Britain prepares for the meeting as well, it’s dealing with its own issues. NBC News says Britain's foreign secretary and two others quit this week over issues about Brexit (the plan for the UK to leave the European Union).
Boris Johnson is very pro-Brexit, and apparently didn’t like how Prime Minister Theresa May was handling the whole thing, so he said, I’m out. It means other Brexit supporters could try to challenge May’s leadership role, but her spokesman said she won’t leave without a fight.

May meets with Trump later this week. To be continued...
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The third rescue mission is underway in Thailand to try and save the final four boys and their soccer coach still trapped inside a flooded cave. They’ve been there for more than two weeks.
Alreadyfour boys were rescued on Sunday, and divers rescued another four yesterday. So far, the operations to get them out have gone smoothly and all eight of those rescued are reported safe and getting checked out at the hospital.

However, one diver died while bringing them supplies last week.

Now divers will go get the final four boys and their coach. CBS News says rescuers have been taking the strongest boys out first to make sure the plan worked. Two divers have been assigned to each child to help them get through the narrow passageways of the cave. It isn’t easy.
Remember: the boys are 11-16 years old and their coach is 25. They were exploring the cave after practice when heavy rains flooded the only way out.

Expect an update sometime today.

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Nissan is dealing with a scandal. The BBC reports Nissan admitted to lying about car exhaust emissions tests in Japan.

At this point, however, it’s not clear how many cars are affected. Also, it's uncertain whether it involves cars manufactured in Japan only or worldwide.

Reports say the situation doesn’t sound as bad as what Volkswagen did when it cheated on emissions tests (VW created software to cheat the system), but it’s still not good.
This isn’t Nissan’s first scandal. The Wall Street Journal reports Nissan recently admitted to problems with inspection procedures that led to more than a million Nissan vehicles recalled last year.
Read more: BBCWSJ


Uber just invested a bunch of money ($335 million) into a scooter-sharing startup called LimeBloomberg reports Uber plans to add Lime scooters to the Uber app as a transportation option and add the Uber logo to Lime’s scooters.
 Lime works by letting customers rent scooters that are scattered around cities and then leave them on the sidewalk for the next person to pick up. So far, it’s in 70 cities in the U.S. and Europe.
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Say goodbye to plastic straws at Starbucks. The company says it has a plan to get rid of all plastic straws at its stores across the globe by the year 2020.
Instead, CNBC reports, Starbucks will offer either strawless lids or straws made by other recyclable materials, like paperRemember: Starbucks is headquartered in Seattle, which just started banning businesses from using single-use plastic straws.
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It sounds like Snapchat and Amazon are teaming up on a project codenamed “Eagle.” TechCrunch reports it’s all about visual search. You can use Snapchat’s camera to hold on an object to identify it using Amazon and other partners, or you can scan barcodes. It’ll then take you to options to buy on Amazon.
If this feature rolls out, and Snapchat gets kickbacks for products people buy on Amazon, that could mean another way Snapchat makes money.
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It looks like Microsoft is getting back into cheaper tablets. The Verge reports Microsoft’s new Surface Go has a 10-inch screen, a kickstand, and a similar design to another Microsoft tablet -- the Surface Pro.
The ‘”Surface Go” is available for pre-order starting today and the price starts at $399. 
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