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Mueller To Testify: Robert Mueller is scheduled to testify publicly on Capitol Hill on July 17. The former Special Counsel agreed to show after House Democrats issued a subpoena.
Read more: WSJ, FOX News, Politico, The Hill

U.S.-Mexico Border News: Migrant children were removed from a Texas shelter due to exposure to dangerous and unsanitary living conditions, though reports say, some kids have now been sent back to that facility. In the midst of that news, the acting head of the U.S. Customs and Border Protection, John Sanders, will step down next week. Also: lawmakers in the House voted to send $4.5 billion in humanitarian aid to the border, but another bill in the Senate with fewer restrictions could garner more Republican support. Neither has made it all the way through Congress yet.
Read more (Humanitarian Aid): The Washington Post, NYT, AP
Read more (Border Official Steps Down): AP, Axios, NYT

New Press Secretary: Stephanie Grisham will replace Sarah Sanders as the White House Press Secretary. Grisham will become the Trump administration’s third Press Secretary in three years. She plans to stay in her current role as the spokeswoman for First Lady Melania Trump while working as Press Secretary and White House Director of Communications.
Read more: CBS News, The Hill, CNN, Vox

First Democratic Debate: The first Democratic presidential primary debate happens tonight in Miami at 9pm EDT. Ten candidates will debate tonight, and the other half will take the stage tomorrow.
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Illinois Legalizes Marijuana: Illinois is the latest state to legalize recreational marijuana. It will soon join ten other states in allowing people 21 or older to use and buy cannabis in small amounts from established dispensaries.The new law goes into effect in 2020.
Read more: Vox, USA Today, FOX News

SF E-Cig Ban: An e-cigarette ban is coming to San Francisco, making it the first major U.S. city to ban the devices. The San Francisco Board of Supervisors unanimously approved the ban, and the mayor is expected to sign it. E-cig company JUUL is hoping to override the law by taking the ban to the ballot in November.
Read more: CBS News, CNBC, Bloomberg, NPR

FTC Robocall Initiative: Federal authorities are cracking down on pesky robocalls. The FTC and law enforcement officials filed nearly 100 actions against companies and people who made more than 1 billion calls with 'Operation Call It Quits.'
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T-Mobile 5G: T-Mobile will start selling the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G this Friday, but the $1,300 phone is not available everywhere. Customers can buy the phones in the six cities where the company has made 5G available, including Atlanta, Dallas, New York and Los Angeles.
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Airbnb Luxe: Airbnb has added some new rentals to its website. With the new 'Airbnb Luxe' listings, travelers can pick from hand-picked, high-end homes including an entire private island ($100,000/night), a castle in France or a mansion in Bel Air. The rentals cost at least $1,000 per night.
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Olympic Breakdancing: Breakdancing is one step closer to taking part in the Summer Olympics. It’s one of four sports expected to be added to the Games. Skateboarding, climbing, and surfing will debut in next year’s Olympics in Tokyo. Breakdancing could start in 2024 in Paris.
Read more: ESPN, BBC Sports