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Iran Sanctions: President Trump ordered new “hard-hitting” sanctions on Iran this week. The U.S. is now blocking Iran’s leader and other top officials from using foreign financial resources. The new restrictions are meant to punish Iran for shooting down a U.S. spy drone and to pressure Iran’s leaders into more talks about nuclear weapons. So far, it’s not clear if this new plan will work. Iran’s state-run media says the new sanctions mean “permanent closure” of diplomacy between the two countries.
Read more: AP, Fox News, NYT, Washington Post

Healthcare Order: Trump wants healthcare pricing to be more transparent, so he signed an executive order to start the process. If the new rule is implemented, hospitals and doctors may have to show patients the cost of a visit or procedure up front, including out-of-pocket expenses, instead of getting billed later. Trump thinks this will lower prices and give patients more power because they can shop around for the best prices. Critics say it’ll do the opposite and push prices up. Either way, the Department of Health and Human Services is tasked with coming up with the details within two months.
Read more: NPR, WSJ, CBS News

Accusation Against Trump: E. Jean Carroll, who wrote for Elle magazine, wrote in her book that Donald Trump forced himself on her in a fitting room in the mid-1990s. Carroll says she was too afraid to come forward for two decades. Trump said she’s not his "type" and it never happened.
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Warner Bros. New CEO: For the first time in the studio’s 100 year history, Warner Bros. has a woman as a CEO. Former BBC executive Ann Sarnoff will take the top spot. Her predecessor left after allegedly helping boost an actress’s career while they were having an affair.
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Europe Heat Wave: Europe is bracing itself for a record heat wave. France, specifically, could see some of the hottest June temperatures ever recorded. The heat wave is expected to peak at more than 100 degrees during the middle of this week.
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2026 Winter Olympics: It’s official: the Olympic Committee voted to hold the 2026 Winter Olympics in Milan and Cortina in Italy. This won’t be the first time Italy is holding the Games. The Olympics were there in 1956 and in 2006.
Read more: NBC News, ESPN

SpaceX Launch: SpaceX founder Elon Musk called last night’s overnight launch of the Falcon Heavy rocket “the most difficult launch ever.” The rocket took off for the third time in its first-ever nighttime launch. It was a challenge because the rocket was carrying 24 satellites, weighing about 8,000 pounds, as well as an atomic clock for NASA and a spacecraft with the ashes of more than 100 people in it, which will orbit the earth for 25 years. Though the late-night launch was delayed, it eventually happened as planned.
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Apple New Software: Apple’s new iOS 13 is here. Apple just released a beta of the software for iPhones and iPads to the public, which means you can try it out before the full version is released to everyone in the fall. Some new features include dark mode, changes to the Photos and Maps apps, new widgets for iPad, and more. But be warned if you try it out: the beta version will have some bugs and issues. For casual users, it's likely best to wait awhile longer.
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Amazon Prime Day: Amazon is getting ready for its longest Prime Day ever. The company announced this year’s Prime Day will last for 48 hours, starting on July 15. Last year on Prime Day, Amazon saw more sales within one day than ever before.
Read more: TechCrunch

Squid Video: Researchers spotted a giant squid in U.S. waters for the first time. Rare camera footage shows the squid for about 30 seconds as its tentacles slowly creep toward the camera. The squid was in the deep sea about 100 miles southeast of New Orleans. Researchers captured video while studying what a lack of sunlight does to animals in the so called “midnight zone” more than 3,000 feet below the ocean’s surface.
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