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Lawmakers in the House are expected to vote today on what some are calling a "compromise" immigration bill, but it’s still not likely to pass.

In the meantime, First Lady Melania Trump visited the U.S.- Mexico border yesterday. Specifically, Time reports she went to two different shelters, one for migrant children and one for families. Her office said she wanted to thank the workers and hear how the administration can continue to reunite children with their families.
Remember: there’s been an uproar since families crossing the border have been separated. The adults get put in federal custody, and the children are sent to government-run shelters. Then, earlier this week, President Trump signed an executive order to stop separating families and instead keep them in custody  together.
One more thing:  People are also talking about what Melania Trump decided to wear on the way to the border. While getting on the plane for the trip, she was wearing a jacket that had big letters on the back that said, “I REALLY DON'T CARE, DO U?”
Many people are wondering what she was trying to say. Was it that she doesn’t really care about the kids? Her spokeswoman said there’s no hidden message, but President Trump later tweeted that the message was referring to the “fake news media.”

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The U.S. Supreme Court ruled that it’s okay for states to collect sales tax when you buy something online.

It reverses a ruling back in the 90s that stopped states from collecting taxes for online sales, unless the store had a physical presence there. That helped internet sales grow quickly at the beginning.
Reuters says it was a 5-4 decision yesterday and it means states could make billions more in tax revenue.

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New Zealand's Prime Minister just had her baby. She’s only the second elected leader ever to give birth while in office, and the first to take maternity leave.

She’s taking six weeks of leave, with the deputy prime minister in charge for that time.

Read more: TIME



A new study found viruses that sneak into the brain might be involved in Alzheimer’s -- specifically two common types of herpes. The New York Timessays this type of virus tends to infect most people as infants and then lie dormant for years.
At this point, the study does not say the viruses actually cause the disease (or that just because you have these viruses you’ll get Alzheimer’s), but researchers say perhaps the virus could kick-start the disease like gas on the flames already there.
Some experts are still skeptical and a lot more research is needed. If the findings are true - it could change possible treatment options for the future.

Read more: NYTAP



The famous gorilla who learned sign language and loved kittens has passed away in her sleep. Koko the gorilla started to sign when she was just one year old, and over the years, she learned more than 1,000 hand signs. She could even understand some English.
She was once on the cover of National Geographic, who said she could chat, tease, and even argue with scientists using American Sign Language. She also loved cats; there are videos of her picking them up, cuddling them, and playing around (watch). 
Her trainer called her an ambassador for all gorillas and endangered species.  She was 46.

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Today's Life Lesson:
"The upside to challenging life events is that they provide the opportunity to take inventory of our lives, and we can choose to focus on the things that truly matter."
From Optimal Health Daily



The city of Seattle is banning plastic straws, starting July 1st. CBS News says the ban actually stems from an ordinance ten years ago
Seattle will be the first major metro area to do this, but reports say New York City and Los Angeles may be next.

Read more: CBS News



The number one overall pick in the NBA draft was 7-foot center Deandre Ayton. He’s a hometown hero for the Phoenix Suns since Ayton is a former Arizona Wildcat and lived in Phoenix while going to high school.
The regular NBA season starts in October.

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Don't show me Sports.


Looks like the show Roseanne will still be on ABC – but without Roseanne. It’ll actually be a spinoff called The Conners.
Remember: ABC canceled the hit show because of Roseanne Barr’s racist tweet.

Now, ABC says Barr won’t have any financial or creative involvement in the new series. The Hollywood Reporter cites sources saying she still has the rights to future spinoffs.

Barr said in a statement that she agreed to the spinoff to save 200 jobs of the cast and crew, and that she “regrets the circumstances.”

Read more: THR



Speaking of big deals: AT&T (which just bought Time Warner) is now offering a new service to try and bring back cord-cutters.
AT&T just revealed “Watch TV.” It’s meant to be a “skinny bundle” of channels for cheaper. It’ll cost $15 a month, or be totally free for some AT&T wireless customers who have unlimited data plans.
The Wall Street Journal says it would include AMC, Cartoon Network, CNN, Discovery, TNT and TBS. No major broadcast channels or sports-only channels would be included.

Read more: WSJEngadget



Chipotle is testing some new food items for its menu, including milkshakes.

Yep, the fast food Mexican grill is adding a “Mexican chocolate milkshake” to its test kitchen in New York City, plus four more things: avocado tostadas, quesadillas, nachos and a salad with an avocado-citrus dressing.

Read more: Bloomberg



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