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The report is out about the FBI’s investigation into Hillary Clinton’s private emails a couple years back. Remember that issue before the election? Clinton used a personal email server for political work.
Well, the report says the FBI’s director at the time, James Comey, was “insubordinate” and made some errors, and that he and others didn’t follow standard procedures with everything. He even used his personal email for government business. But the report also says it was not necessarily political bias or anything improper that ultimately led to the investigation’s finding: no charges against Clinton.
We’re talking about the Inspector General’s report (the one who holds the federal government accountable). James Comey, who President Trump fired, wrote an op-ed for the New York Times, saying he doesn’t agree with all the report’s statements but still respects the inspector general’s office.

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The state of New York is suing President Trump’s foundation with some serious claims. The Washington Post reports the lawsuit says Trump illegally used the nonprofit's money to pay legal claims against Trump’s businesses, decorate his golf clubs and help support his 2016 campaign.
The AG also sent letters to the IRS and Federal Election Commission for what she called “possible violations.”
President Trump said a big not true and said it’s just an attempt by Democrats to damage him.

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There’s a lot of controversy about the Trump administration’s “zero tolerance” policy on immigration, specifically about families being separated at the border.
The Trump administration has decided to prosecute asylum seekers who illegally cross the U.S.-Mexico border as criminal cases, rather than as less-severe civil issues. But here's the issue: there’s a law that children can’t be detained with their parents, so reports say the families are being separated instead.
Critics are calling it immoral. Some faith leaders say it may be causing harm and trauma to the kids. The White House is holding firm, calling it biblical to enforce the law. U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions says the policy is meant to be a deterrent -- to stop people from trying to cross the border in the first place.

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He’s back in the game. The lawmaker who was shot a year ago during practice for a charity baseball game involving members of Congress was back on the field playing for that same annual event. Time reports House Majority Whip Steve Scalise even got the first out… and a standing ovation.

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Today's Life Lesson:
"Living a simple and authentic life allows people to focus on helping others."
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Heads up: there seems to be a salmonella outbreak happening that’s linked to pre-cut melon. It’s now been found in nine states. The CDC and FDA are looking into it.
CBS News reports the melon products came from a facility in Indianapolis before they were sent to several large chain grocery stores. More than 60 people have gotten sick.

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Elon Musk is teaming up with the city of Chicago to make it faster for travelers to go from O’Hare International Airport to downtown. The plan? High-speed rail and tunnels.
Musk's The Boring Company won the bid for the new form of transportation. TechCrunch reports the proposal includes a 16-passenger self-driving vehicle that can take passengers up to 100 miles per hour (about 12 minutes between the airport and downtown).
Some are skeptical, though. Musk is trying to do the tunnel thing in other cities, like Los Angeles and Washington, D.C., but he hasn’t actually completed one yet.

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A new study says more animals are becoming nocturnal so they can avoid us (as in, the humans). Even animals that aren't traditionally nocturnal are apparently sleeping more during the day so they can be up moving around at night, when there are fewer humans.
The lead author of the study says this could have consequences, since it’ll affect things like hunting habits. On the flip side, the animals who are okay with humans may be using us for their benefit: to avoid their predators who won’t come close.

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The movie ticket site Fandango says Incredibles 2 presold more tickets than any other animated movie. It beat out the last record-holder, Finding Dory.
Disney-Pixar’s Incredibles 2 opens in theaters today. It’s expected to bring in big bucks this weekend: between $125 million and $140 million. Variety reports the movie picks up right where the original film left off.

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