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It may not work out at all or maybe it’ll get delayed. That’s what President Trump is now saying about his historic meeting planned with North Korea’s leader Kim Jong-un.
For now, the meeting is supposed to happen on June 12th in Singapore. Fox News reports South Korean President Moon Jae-in is visiting the White House, and he’s staying positive about the meeting happening. But it’s still a big question mark.
The New York Times says President Trump is shifting his tone a bit. He now seems at least a little more open to a more flexible, phased approach to North Korea getting rid of its nuclear weapons. Remember, it was just last week when Kim Jong-un threatened to cancel the meeting if the U.S. demands didn’t change. We’re three weeks away – stay tuned.

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Lawmakers are rolling back the rules on all banks but the largest ones. Congress just passed a bill on the issue, and the president is expected to sign it into law. CNBC says it means fewer regional banks will deal with some of the government’s strictest requirements, and the Fed will only keep an extra close eye on banks with at least $250 billion in assets.

It changes a key provision of the Dodd-Frank Act. That’s the law passed after the financial crisis in 2008.
Critics say less oversight because of this new law could lead to another financial meltdown. Supporters say it’s necessary to cut the red tape holding too many businesses back.

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Stacey Abrams just made history. She’s now the first black woman ever to be a major party candidate in a race for governor in the U.S. She won Georgia’s Democratic primary last night – and if she wins in November, she’ll then be the first black female governor ever.
Who won the primary on the Republican side? Not sure yet. None of the GOP candidates got 50% of the vote, which means there will be a runoff in July. To be continued.

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The New York Stock Exchange has been around for more than 200 years, but now, for the first time ever, a woman will lead the way. The Wall Street Journalsays Stacey Cunningham will become president of the NYSE. She starts her role on Friday (she was Chief Operating Officer).
By the way, the Nasdaq just named its first female CEO last November. Adena Friedman was the first woman to lead any major U.S. stock exchange.

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There’s yet another new risk on the Big Island of Hawaii: the lava has reached a power plant. There was some concern there could be explosions or hazardous gases released from the plant.
But at least some good news: Hawaii News Now says officials plugged the wells on the site and they think the risk of major problems there is low. CNN explains this is a geothermal plant that produces electricity by bringing steam up from underground wells. They’ve never before had to deal with lava reaching those wells – and they hope it doesn’t actually happen. The lava came close, but then stopped.
Other issues are still happening, though. The lava is still causing explosions when it hits the ocean. The AP says the hot lava and cool water can send fragments flying into the air that look like fireworks. And it releases laze (a toxic gas).

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"We must take care in choosing the way in which we measure success because the metrics we choose will determine all of our actions and beliefs."
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Several media outlets are saying the same thing: Facebook’s CEO had it pretty easy in front of EU regulators.
Remember, Mark Zuckerberg testified in front of the European Union Parliament yesterday. He faced some tough questions and criticism, but the format of the hearing meant all the questions were rattled off at once. Zuckerberg answered only at the end. Because of that, he was able to avoid answering some of the questions.
Instead, Bloomberg reports, Zuckerberg repeated what he’s been telling every audience: that he’s sorry his company didn’t do enough to stop fake news or foreign interference, and they’ll work to do better.

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Tesla’s CEO just confessed: the Model 3 has a braking problem.
Consumer Reports first called out Tesla’s Model 3 in a Monday review. It found that when a driver hits the brakes at 60 mph, it took 152 feet for the Model 3 to come to a stop. Consumer Reports called that “far worse” than any contemporary car tested.
Elon Musk’s tweet admitted there's an issue, but he also said it can be fixed in a few days with a firmware update. Consumer Reports praised Tesla for dealing with the issue so quickly.

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Amazon is trying to team up with police agencies and get them to use facial recognition technology.

Civil rights organizations, like the ACLU, say it’s a big privacy concern. The groups are worried police will abuse the tech and use it to go after protesters or other people who didn’t really commit a crime.
An Amazon spokeswoman is saying, nope, you’ve got this all wrong. She says it’s general image recognition that can help automate the process necessary identification. She says it’s used by amusement parks to find lost children.
The New York Times said, in a report about this story, that it uses the technology to identify people during news events, like the royal weddingArs Technica explains this 'Rekognition' service can ID as many as 100 people in a single picture and compare it against databases with millions of faces.

This debate isn't over.

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Her name is next to a long list of accomplishments within the world of auto racing, and now, Danica Patrick will also become the first woman to host the biggest awards night in sports: the ESPYs (ESPY stands for ‘Excellence in Sports Performance Yearly'). Patrick got her own ESPY for the first time in 2005.
Now it’s another big year for Patrick. ESPN says she’s retiring from auto racing after one more race this Memorial Day weekend. It’ll be her final Indianapolis 500.

Then, she’ll host the ESPYs in LA on July 18th.

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You’ll be hearing more of the name Brynn Cartelli. She just became the youngest person to win on NBC’s The Voice.

She’s just 15 years old and a freshman in high school. Her coach on the show was Kelly Clarkson, who won the very first season of American Idol back in 2002.
This year’s winner of American Idol was also announced this week: 20-year-old Maddie Poppe.

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