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Spring Snow:  A “potentially historic storm” could impact up to 200 million people, with severe thunderstorms, flooding, major temperature drops and a lot of snow. The Plains and Upper Midwest could see heavy snow, and might even get hit by a second so-called “bomb cyclone.” Blizzard warnings have already been issued. Temperatures in some spots could drop nearly 30 degrees. The storm will make its way to the Northeast later this week.
Read more: AccuWeather, Weather Channel, USA Today

Barr Testimony:  An edited version of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s report will be released "within a week," according to Attorney General William Barr. Barr said he’d make a redacted version of the report public and has promised to explain why he blacks out any info. Some lawmakers, especially Democrats, have voiced concerns that Barr’s summary may be biased.
Read more: CNN,  NYT

Facebook & Google Testify:  Google and Facebook testified on Capitol Hill about hate speech on social media, but right as it started, YouTube had to take down the comments on the livestream of the hearing because of hateful comments.  Both Facebook and Google say they’re hiring new workers to help spot and remove hate speech and offensive videos before they go viral.
Read more: Reuters, Washington Post

Brexit Emergency Summit:  EU leaders are coming together for an emergency Brexit summit today. They’re considering Britain's second request for an extension of the deadline before the UK needs to leave the European Union. Now, the Brexit deadline is this Friday, but the EU leaders could move it to June 30th or later. If not, it may be a "no deal" Brexit, which some say could be an economic disaster. Stay tuned.
Read more: AP, NBC News, Washington Post

Israel Election Results:  We still don’t know for sure who won in Israel’s election, but at last check, partial results and exit polls both show Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is in the lead. He has already declared a victory. If Netanyahu wins, he’d be Israel's longest-serving leader. 
Read more: The Guardian, AP, WSJ, NYT
Medicare Scam:  Federal officials have arrested two dozen company CEOs and doctors across the country who are accused of taking part in a $1 billion Medicare scam. The scam relied on telemarketers and TV ads to target the elderly to obtain their healthcare info and then send them unnecessary medical equipment (like braces) and paying the doctors who prescribed them. 
Read more: ABC News, NYT
AT&T Expands 5G:  AT&T turned on 5G networks in parts of seven more cities: Austin, Los Angeles, Nashville, Orlando, San Diego, San Francisco and San Jose. AT&T’s 5G network is now available in 19 cities, and is said to be ten times faster than any other network so far. AT&T doesn’t have any phones that actually work with the new network yet. The Samsung Galaxy S10 5G will be the first later this spring.
Read more: USA Today, Engadget
Black Hole:  Today we might see our first ever photo of a black hole. Scientists have spent years trying to photograph the space phenomenon, and today in simultaneous press briefings around the world, they’re expected to make a major world-wide announcement. They’ll likely unveil a photo of the supermassive black hole at the center of our Milky Way galaxy. Black holes are actually collapsed stars with gravity so strong that not even light can escape, so what you might actually see is the so-called “event horizon,” which is the edge or silhouette of a black hole.
Read more: The Verge, NBC News, USA Today
SpaceX Launch:  SpaceX will hold the first commercial launch for the world’s most powerful rocket in use today, the Falcon Heavy. The same rocket took a cherry-red Tesla to space last year in a test launch. Now, it will carry a 1,300-pound Saudi telecommunications satellite into Earth’s orbit. You can watch the launch live on the SpaceX YouTube channel: liftoff is at 6:35 p.m. ET.
Read more: NBC News,
Walmart Robots:  Thousands of new robots are coming to Walmart stores by next year. They won’t be for sale; they’re meant to work on “routine tasks” like scrubbing floors, taking inventory, and scanning and unloading boxes. Walmart says it’ll be more efficient, but critics are worried the robots will take humans’ jobs.
Read more: CNN
“Thank U, Next” Trademark:  Ariana Grande is trademarking the phrase “Ariana Grande Thank U, Next.” Grande hopes to use the phrase for things like perfume, lotion and body scrubs. She’s headlining Coachella this weekend.
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