theNewsWorthy: Tuesday, December 11th, 2018


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Winter Storm: The snow stopped falling, but the winter storm is still having an impact from Alabama to North Carolina. Today, thousands of people still don't have power, and now black ice is also a concern because of freezing temperatures.  
Read more: CBS News, The Weather Channel, CNN

Trump's Defense: President Trump tweeted more of his response to court filings that said he directed campaign finance violations. Trump said the 2016 payments were "a simple private transaction."  
Read more: Twitter, NYT, MarketWatch

Protests & Brexit: President Emmanuel Macron told protesters in France that he hears them. He promised to increase the minimum wage and cut taxes. Also, Britain's Prime Minister Theresa May was forced to delay a planned vote on Brexit. The timeline for Britain's "divorce" from the EU is now in question.
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Equifax Report: The House Oversight Committee released a new report about the Equifax data breach from more than a year ago. It found the data breach was preventable and criticized the company for not taking simple security measures.
Read more: The Hill, TechCrunch

Google+ Breach, CEO Testifies: Google says a second software bug may have exposed 52 million people's private profile data from Google+, so now, the company plans to get rid of Google+ even sooner than planned (April 2019).
Also, Google's CEO Sundar Pichai is in the hot seat today on Capitol Hill. A House panel will question him on topics like privacy, political bias and his plans for China.
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Asteroid Discovery: A NASA spacecraft found evidence of water on an asteroid, which could provide clues about the solar system's early days. There isn't actually water on it now, but there were signs the water was there, at some point. 
Read more: Gizmodo,

Screen Time Effects: A landmark study is looking at the effects of screen time on kids' brains. So far, early results show a lot of screen time is associated with lower scores on some thinking and language tests (although that doesn't necessarily mean the screens caused the scores). The study is following 11,000 children for a decade, and researchers hope to learn more.
Read more: CBS News, NYT

'Person of the Year': Time Magazine will announce its 2018 'Person of the Year' today. See the shortlist here and stay tuned for today's reveal.
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'Sportsperson of the Year': Sports Illustrated named NBA champs the Golden State Warriors as the 'Sportsperson of the Year.' 
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'Hero of the Year': The CNN 2018 'Hero of the Year' is Dr. Ricardo Pun-Chong for his efforts providing free housing, meals and support for sick children and their families needing medical treatment. He'll get $100,000 for his work, and all the top finalists will get $10,000 to keep making the world better.
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