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Big Names Campaign: From President Trump to Oprah, well-known names were campaigning for their favorite candidates around the country in the final days before the election next week. President Trump went to Missouri last night as part of his six-day, 11 rally blitz. In Georgia, Oprah surprised a fan while knocking on doors for the Democratic candidate for Georgia's governor, Stacey Abrams, while VP Mike Pence was campaigning for the Republican candidate, Brian Kemp. It's one of the country's most talked about races in the midterms.
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Trump Talks Migrant Caravan: President Trump is keeping the attention on the migrant caravan heading to the U.S. border by announcing "massive" tent cities to help house detained migrants. He also said those who cross the border illegally cannot claim asylum. Some experts say that's legally questionable, and any new policy to support it could end up in court. Trump says to expect an executive order announcement next week. The Central American migrants are still hundreds of miles and weeks away from the border.
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Big Tech Letter: A list of 50+ companies, including Apple, Google, Amazon, Facebook, Twitter, Microsoft and more, signed an open letter to show they oppose a possible plan to change the definition of gender. Remember: The New York Times reported the Trump administration is thinking about clarifying 'gender' as biological (gender you were born with), which could mean anti-discrimination laws don't protect transgender people. 
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Apple Earnings: Apple's stock dropped after an earnings call yesterday. Even with record revenue projections for the holidays, those estimates were lower than analysts expected. Apple also announced it will no longer reveal how many iPhones, iPads and Macs it sells but said the company's revenue is up.
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Tesla Upgrade: Tesla's CEO Elon Musk tweeted that a software upgrade to auto-park technology should be coming in about six weeks, and that it'll allow some Teslas to "follow you like a pet." The new feature apparently lets the car drive to your phone location while you hold down the 'Summon" button on the Tesla app. 
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HBO vs Dish: If you're a Dish Network customer, you probably don't have access to HBO right now. The two companies are in a fight, and it's the first blackout of HBO in its 40 year history. Why is it happening? HBO says it's because Dish is being unreasonable in negotiations, but Dish blames AT&T's recent takeover (AT&T now owns HBO as of a few months ago -- and also owns Dish Network's biggest competitor: DirecTV).
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House of Cards: The sixth and final season of House of Cards arrives today on Netflix, but remember, it won't have the former star, Kevin Spacey (he was fired after sexual assault allegations). Robin Wright (aka Claire Underwood) is now the star, and she also directed the finale. House of Cards was Netflix's first original series...
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