Friday, November 1st, 2019

House Divided, Apple TV+ Launches & Daylight Saving Time Ends

All the news you need in less than 10 min:

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Story Summaries

All the news stories mentioned in today's episode are listed with links below, so you can spend as much -- or as little -- time as you want perusing the latest happenings...

Impeachment Inquiry, Tim Morrison Testimony:
Lawmakers in the House voted and passed new rules and procedures for the impeachment inquiry into President Trump, and it was divided among party lines. Of those who voted, all but two Democrats voted “yay,” and all Republicans voted “nay.” Also, former National Security Council official Tim Morrison said military aid was withheld from Ukraine in order to push for an investigation into Democrats. He said he didn't like it but doesn't think it's illegal.
Impeachment Resolution: Washington Post, The Hill, NPR
Tim Morrison Testimony: AP, WSJ, NPR, CNN

Immigration Rule Challenged:
A new immigration rule is supposed to go into effect this Sunday. Under the new rule, the government would be able to deny visas if potential immigrants can’t prove they’ll be able to pay for health insurance. Advocacy groups filed the suit and asked a judge to put the rule on hold while the legal case plays out. So, it's unclear if it'll actually be implemented this weekend after all.
Read more: CBS News, Reuters, CNN

California Fires:
New wildfires started in Southern California yesterday, including one last night that forced additional evacuations. Earlier in the day, strong wind gusts caused two other fires to spread, destroying homes and forcing more than 1,000 people to evacuate. Forecasters expect the winds to calm down for the next week.
Read more: Weather Channel, NYT, ABC News

Chicago Teachers Strike Ends:
It’s back to class for teachers and students in the nation's third largest school district after an 11-day strike. The Chicago Teachers Union agreed to a tentative contract which meets teachers’ demands for higher pay, smaller class sizes and more nurses.
Read more: USA Today, WSJ, NBC News

Boy Scout Membership Fee:
The Boy Scouts of America is raising its annual youth membership fee 80 percent -- from $33 to $60. BSA says operating costs and liability insurance have gone up. It's likely in connection with sex abuse allegations and lawsuits against some youth leaders in recent years (and more expected in the future). The organization says it is exploring all available options to keep its programs running.
Read more: AP, FOX News

Apple TV+ Launches:
Apple TV+ launches today. The video streaming service will have eight series, a documentary and a talk show and cost $4.99/month. The Morning Show and Oprah’s Book Club are among the highly-anticipated shows. Customers can get their first year free with the purchase of an eligible Apple product.
Read more: CNN, ET Online, USA Today

Netflix's First Scripted Podcast:
Netflix is about to launch its first original scripted podcast. The Only Podcast Left is a spinoff of the post-apocalyptic series Daybreak. It will launch next week on Spotify-only for a month and everywhere else after that.
Read more: Variety

Stalking App Shut Down:
Instagram is banning the 'Like Patrol' app, which takes Instagram data and lets users track who their friends or significant others interact with. Critics are calling it “stalkerware” and Instagram says the app is scraping people’s data without their consent.
Read more: CNET, Engadget

Daylight Saving Time Ends:
It’s almost time to turn the clocks back an hour! Daylight Saving Time ends at 2:00 a.m. Sunday. It means you'll get an extra hour of sleep, but it also means it'll get darker earlier in the evenings.
Only Hawaii and Arizona, as well some territories like Puerto Rico, don’t observe Daylight Saving Time. Other states like Alabama, Arkansas, Florida and Tennessee want to keep it year-round but would need approval from Congress first.
Read more: USA Today, FOX News