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Birthright Citizenship: President Trump said he would like to sign an executive order to take away 'birthright citizenship,' which gives babies born on U.S. soil the right to U.S. citizenship, regardless of the status of their parents. But it's not just controversial, it's also been called unconstitutional. The law is based on the 14th Amendment, so many experts say Congress would have to play a part in changing it.
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Trump Visits Pittsburgh: President Trump and First Lady Melania Trump visited the Pittsburgh synagogue yesterday where 11 people were shot and killed. While some welcomed him, Trump also faced about 1,000 protesters. 
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Paying for False Claims?: The FBI is now investigating whether or not anyone has offered money to women to make false sexual assault claims against Robert Mueller (the special counsel conducting the Russia investigation). A woman contacted journalists saying she had been offered $20,000 to make false claims. Meanwhile, a talk radio host, who has discussed conspiracy theories in the past, said he'll reveal a claim against Mueller later this week. Again, it's under investigation.
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'Whitey' Bulger: He was a Boston gangster who then had a corrupt relationship with the FBI as an informant until he spent 16 years on the "Most Wanted" list. Eventually, James "Whitey" Bulger was caught and sent to prison at age 81. Now, at age 89, he died at a federal prison. It's under investigation as a 'homicide.' 
Read more:Boston Globe,AP,NYTGoodbye Kepler: NASA's well-known Kepler space telescope is officially retiring forever. It ran out of fuel. It spent nearly a decade in space and helped discover thousands of planets beyond our solar system. 
Read,The Verge

Uber Subscription: Uber just launched a new monthly subscription plan that allows you to avoid 'surge pricing.' It's only available in five cities so far. It's $14.99/month for most places but $24.99/month in Los Angeles.
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Driverless in CA: Waymo, the self-driving unit of Google's parent company, just became the first company to get the green-light to test completely driverless cars (no safety driver) in California. It'll start in Silicon Valley.
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Google's Giveaway for Good: Google is giving away $25 million to projects that will use artificial intelligence in a way that contributes to a more humane society. The new grant program is called "AI for Social Good." Other companies, like Microsoft, have also run similar programs.

Apple Event Update: Here's what came out of yesterday's Apple event: a new iPad Pro, Macbook Air, Mac Mini and the iOS 12.1 update. Sorry, no AirPods upgrade after all. See the links below for all the specs/details...
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Game of Thrones Prequel: Naomi Watts signed on for a lead role in the newGame of Thronesprequel. The series will be set thousands of year before the current series. Also of note in entertainment today: famed filmmaker Ava DuVernay says she's partnered with Netflix to make a documentary about Prince.
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Halloween Costumes: Americans are expected to spend $9 billion on Halloween this year for costumes, candy and more. So what are the number one costumes in 2018? Pretty straight-forward: 
Kids = princess
Adults = witch
Pets = pumpkin 
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