Wednesday, October 30th, 2019

New Inquiry Rules, NCAA on Player Profits & Free Amazon Fresh

All the news you need in 10 min:

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Story Summaries

All the news stories mentioned in today's episode are listed with links below, so you can spend as much -- or as little -- time as you want perusing the latest happenings...

New Inquiry Rules, New Testimony:
Democrats unveiled new proposed rules for the impeachment inquiry. The new rules would allow President Trump and his lawyers to sit-in during hearings, question and subpoena witnesses and provide evidence. The House is expected to vote on this tomorrow. Also of note: impeachment investigators heard from an official who was actually on the July phone call between President Trump and Ukraine's president. Diplomat and Army Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman told investigators he had raised concerns about the call he heard.
New Rules: The Hill, NPR, NBC News, Washington Post, NYT
New Testimony: Washington Post, AP, Politico

Boeing’s CEO Testifies:
Boeing CEO Dennis Muilenburg testified in front of a Senate committee yesterday and will testify at a House hearing today. They're discussing what led up to the two 737 Max jet crashes that killed nearly 350 people. The CEO's admission and apology is the plane manufacturer’s most public acknowledgement that it messed up designing the automated system on the plane. Boeing 737 Max jets around the world are still grounded.
Read more: WSJ, CNBC, CBS News, Reuters

“Extreme” Conditions in Cali:
The National Weather Service has issued an "extreme" red flag warning for the first time ever because of the weather conditions causing wildfires in California. The 'extreme' part of it is not an official level, but forecasters say they needed to convey the seriousness of today's wind and dry conditions. Hurricane-force winds could impact areas already dealing with some major fires, including in northern California’s wine country and the Los Angeles area.
Read more: CNN, LA Times, AP, USA Today

Rising Sea Levels:
New research says rising seas could affect three times as many people as scientists originally thought. Researchers from a non-profit in New Jersey used artificial intelligence and other tools to find that at least 150 million people are living in low-lying areas that will be below high tide by the year 2050.

Read more: Washington Post, AP, NYT, Nature

NCAA Votes on Player Profits:
The NCAA took the first big step to allow college athletes to make money from things like sponsorship deals. The organization and member schools still need to figure out how to implement the new rules by 2021.
Read more: ESPN, USA Today, WSJ, CBS Sports

World Series Game 7:
The World Series is tied 3 to 3 right now after the Washington Nationals won against the Houston Astros last night. A dramatic winner-takes-all Game 7 is set for tonight at 8:00pm ET.
Read more: USA Today, CBS Sports

Amazon Fresh Delivery:
Amazon will now deliver groceries to Prime Members for free. The service used to cost about $15 per month in addition to the $119 annual prime membership. Cutting the monthly fee could put Amazon above its competitors, like Walmart and Instacart.
Read more: NBC News, CNN

Lyft Pink:
Lyft is rolling out a new membership for riders who want discounted rides. Lyft Pink will cost $20 per month and will offer 15 percent off of all car rides, 3 free bike and scooter rides and priority pick up at airports. Lyft Pink will replace the old All-Access plan.
Read more: CNET, Axios, The Verge

Netflix Speed Test:
Netflix is testing out different playback speeds, and Hollywood isn’t happy. Android users have started testing the different speeds, but some filmmakers are asking Netflix not to mess with their art. For now, it's just a test.
Read more: Variety, Entertainment Weekly, Engadget

House of the Dragon:
HBO has reportedly dropped the first Game of Thrones spin-off that would have starred Naomi Watts, but HBO announced a different prequel called House of the Dragon. This one focuses on House Targaryen 300 years before the original series ended.
Read more: People, Deadline

Work Wednesday - Sleep and Work:
A new study says 35 percent of working adults in the U.S. aren’t getting enough sleep, and their jobs may have something to do with it. Police officers, doctors, truck drivers and factory workers get the least amount of sleep (less than seven hours per night), while self-employed people had the lowest rates of sleep deprivation, likely because they make their own schedules.
Read more: CNBC, NPR