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Pipe Bombs: The FBI is calling it the highest priority investigation. Several pipe bombs were sent to high-profile Democrats as well as CNN's offices in NYC. No one was hurt. The FBI says it's likely all the cases are connected. President Trump condemned political violence and called on the nation to come together, while some critics wondered if his past divisive rhetoric played any role. 
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Bipartisan Opioid Law: President Trump signed bipartisan legislation into law yesterday as a way to continue the fight against America's opioid epidemic. The bill tackles drug addiction through things like new research and new access to treatment.
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New Flu Treatment: The FDA just approved a new single dose (one time pill) treatment option for the flu. It's for people 12 years old and older and it must be taken within 48 hours of getting the flu. It can reduce symptoms and help you recover faster. Experts say it shouldn't replace your flu vaccine.
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Removing CO2: A leading scientific body came out with a new report that suggests we tackle climate change in a new way: suck the CO2 out of the atmosphere. The technology would need a lot of government funding ASAP to make a difference.
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Facebook's "Candidate Info": Facebook launched another new political tool. This one is meant to give local, state and federal candidates for elected office a chance to talk directly to you via vertical, monologue-style videos. You may notice them in your facebook news feed as soon as next week.
Read more: TechCrunch

Megyn Kelly Controversy: The NBC News anchor is under fire for comments she made about blackface on Halloween. She later apologized, and NBC condemned her remarks. Since then, her talent agency dropped her as a client, and there's talk she may lose her morning show.
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Video Streaming: Apple TV is reportedly launching its upcoming TV subscription service in 100 countries. Sources toldThe Informationthat the U..S. version will launch in the first half of next year, and the app will go global by the end of 2019 in an effort to compete with Netflix. Remember: Apple device owners will get original programming for free.
Read more:The Information

Uber Eats Secret: Uber reportedly partners with local restaurants to createnewly-brandedrestaurants justfor the Uber Eats delivery service. So, the new name and expanded food options show up only on Uber Eats, even when it's really the same physical restaurant as before. Restaurants report a huge uptick in revenue from it, and it's helped Uber Eats grow its user base as well.
Read more: Bloomberg




Ex-NFL Player Rae Carruth Released from Prison

Hear from the reporter who has covered it for nearly 20 years…

More: Carruth Podcast, The Washington Post, CNN

Today’s guest:

Scott Fowler

Scott Fowler is a sports columnist for the Charlotte Observer, where he has worked since 1994. He’s covered every twist and turn of Rae Carruth's time in North Carolina, beginning with the wide receiver being drafted by the Carolina Panthers in 1997. For the past year, Fowler conducted dozens of exclusive interviews with the families, friends, lawyers, investigators, and even the killer behind the most notorious crime in Charlotte history.

Fowler has won more than a dozen national awards for his sportswriting and is also the author of eight books.


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