Tuesday, October 15th, 2019

Largest Dem Debate, WeWork Safety Scare & AMC On-Demand 

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Story Summaries

All the news stories mentioned in today's episode are listed with links below, so you can spend as much -- or as little -- time as you want perusing the latest happenings...

Turkey Penalized:
President Trump has announced financial penalties against Turkey as the country continues to attack the Kurds in northeastern Syria. Vice President Mike Pence and National Security Adviser Robert O’Brien will lead a delegation to Turkey to begin negotiations as they call for a cease-fire, but critics call it too little, too late. Kurdish forces have made a deal with the Syrian government.
Read more: Fox News, WSJ, Washington Post, NYT, AP

Largest Dem Debate:
Twelve Democratic presidential candidates will take the stage tonight in America's largest presidential primary debate ever. It’s the first debate since the impeachment inquiry started, and the first since Sen. Bernie Sanders had a heart attack. CNN and The New York Times are co-hosting the debate, which starts at 8:00pm ET.
Read more: CBS News, The Hill, Politico, NPR

Texas Officer Charged:
Former police officer Aaron Dean shot and killed 28-year old Atatiana Jefferson in her own home over the weekend and has now been charged with murder. Hours before he was arrested and charged, he resigned from the Fort Worth Police Department. The victim's family is outraged this happened, and even the interim police chief says the officer was in the wrong.
Read more: NBC News, Reuters, AP

Tax Extension Deadline:
Reports say 15 million taxpayers asked the IRS for more time to file their taxes, so they got an extra six months. Well, time is up. Today is the extension deadline.
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School Start Times:
California just became the first state to set a school start time. Middle schools must start classes at 8:00a.m. or later, and high schools will start no earlier than 8:30a.m. The later start time is meant to help students get more sleep so they can improve learning. Critics say the change could affect bus routes and increase costs. The new law will go into effect by July 2022.
Read more: LA Times, CNN, Washington Post

Google Pay + Public Transit:
Google has teamed up with Cubic Transportation Systems to let travelers in some major cities use Google Pay to pay for rides. The companies hope this will cut costs and make paying for public transportation easier.
Read more: CNET, Engadget

WeWork Scare:
At least 1,600 phone booths at WeWork locations in the U.S. and Canada could have elevated levels of formaldehyde. The company emailed members to warn them after a complaint and some tests. WeWork says it took thousands of private phone booth areas out of service right away and safety is a top priority. WeWork is also dealing with financial troubles as it's reportedly running out of cash.
Read more: TechCrunch, Business Insider, Reuters

AMC On-Demand & Disney+ Lineup:
AMC’s new streaming service will let customers rent or buy movies to watch at home. AMC Theaters On Demand will offer thousands of films for sale or rent after their normal run in theaters.
Also, Disney has revealed details about its streaming service with a massive Twitter thread listing the movies and shows that will be included when Disney+ goes live on November 12th.
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SnapChat + Reddit, GoFundMe Charity:
Reddit users can now share content to Snapchat. It's the first social media platform to partner with Reddit to test out direct sharing.
Also, GoFundMe is launching more free features for nonprofits with GoFundMe Charity as well as offering a button that can be put into any site or app to donate money, starting next month.
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