Tuesday, October 1st, 2019

Impeachment Inquiry Updates, Fair Pay to Play & Stranger Things

All the news you need in less than 10 min:

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Story Summaries

All the news stories mentioned in today's episode are listed with links below, so you can spend as much -- or as little -- time as you want perusing the latest happenings...

Impeachment Inquiry Update:
Things are moving quickly, so we're breaking down several updates in today's episode. These include a report that Sec. of State Mike Pompeo was listening in on the call between President Trump and Ukraine's leader in July, House Democrats have subpoenaed Trump's personal lawyer, and other calls Trump had with foreign leaders about the Russia investigation (not Ukraine) are now under a microscope. More to come...
Read more:
(Pompeo): WSJ, Read the Call Record
(Giuliani): Washington Post, NYT
(Australia Call): AP, NYT, NBC News , Reuters, The Guardian, Washington Post

Real ID Requirement:
Today marks one year until a new "Real ID" will be required to fly within the U.S. Air travel ID rules change October 1st, 2020. Expect a 'Thing to Know Thursday" interview soon that will help explain this more...
Read more: CBS News

Fair Pay to Play:
California just passed a first-of-its-kind law to allow college student athletes to hire agents and make money from sponsorship deals. It's set to be implemented in 2023, and other states could follow.
Read more: USA Today, ESPN

Drug Pulled Off Shelves:
CVS and Walgreens are both pulling a popular heartburn drug off their shelves. The reason? The FDA found Zantac and its generic versions have traces of a chemical linked to cancer. No official recalls yet, but the stores are taking action as the FDA continues to investigate.
Read more: CNN, NBC News, USA Today

Amazon Go Expands?:
Amazon hopes to offer its cashier-less technology from its 'Amazon Go' stores to other merchants, such as airports, movie theaters and stadiums. No official word of a deal, but reports say Amazon hopes to have this tech roll out more places as soon as next year.
Read more: CNBC, Engadget

Hyundai Flying Car:
Hyundai has a new team to focus on flying cars. The former NASA engineer in charge says he expects it to be a $1.5 trillion market over the next 20 years. Other companies, like Uber, are also working on air taxis.
Read more: Cnet, TechCrunch

Smart Jackets:
Levi will offer two jackets using Google technology that can connect with your smartphone. The cuff of the jacket will be connected and operate as a touch-sensitive 'remote control' for your phone.
Read more: The Verge, TechCrunch, Digital Trends

Stranger Things - Season 4:
It's official. Netflix's most popular original series, Stranger Things, is coming back for a season 4. The company released a short teaser video.
Read more: Hollywood Reporter, RollingStone

DoorDash & Penny Big Macs:
In its biggest giveaway yet, DoorDash is giving one million people a Big Mac for one penny each. Be aware: you still have to pay taxes and delivery fees.
Read more: Business Insider