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Kavanaugh, Accuser to Testify: There's been a change of plans. Instead of voting on Thursday about whether to confirm Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, there will be a big-deal public hearing next Monday. Kavanaugh and the woman accusing him of sexual assault will testify under oath. The woman says he attacked her when they were teens.
Read more: The Washington PostTIMENYTFOX NewsABC News

New Tariffs on China: Another round of tariffs means more tension between the world's two largest economies, and it could impact the cost of more things you buy. President Trump says the U.S. will impose tariffs on another $200 billion worth of Chinese goods, starting next week. That means nearly half of Chinese imports will now have an extra tax.
Read more: WSJCNBC

North, South Korea Summit: The leaders of North Korea and South Korea are meeting again (the third summit of its kind this year). It's the first time in more than ten years that a South Korean president went to visit in North Korea. He'll be there for a three-day trip to talk peace.
Read more: CNNAP

Florence Update: Flooding is still a problem in the Carolinas, even as the storm itself moved on. There's already been at least 1,000 water rescues in North Carolina and many people still don't have power. In Virginia, remnants from the storm caused several tornadoes. The death toll is now at least 32.
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'Presidential' Text Postponed: The expected test of the "Presidential Alert" text message, which was planned for this Thursday, will now be postponed to early next month. FEMA says it's because of the response to Florence.
Read more: Reuters

Space Tourist Announced: Space-X says Japanese billionaire Yusaku Maezawa will be the first paying, private passenger to go around the moon. The first test of the 'Big Falcon Rocket" spacecraft won't happen for at least another year, though.
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Salesforce CEO + Time Mag: The co-founder of cloud computing company, Salesforce, and his wife are finalizing a deal to acquire Time magazine. The tech CEO says it has nothing to do with Salesforce and he doesn't plan to be part of the editorial decision-making.
Read more: WSJ

Coca-Cola Cannabis Drinks?: Word is: Coca-Cola is in "serious talks" with a cannabis company about creating drinks with CBD, which does not actually make you high but is instead known for possible medical benefits. No decisions made just yet.
Read more: Bloomberg

MoviePass Competitor: Since MoviePass dropped its unlimited movie tickets plan, another company is swooping in. Sinemia is launching an unlimited plan for $30/month. 
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Julie Chen Leaves The Talk: CBS's The Talk is losing its main anchor. Reports say Julie Chen plans to announce her decision to leave the show today in a video message. She hasn't been back since her husband, Leslie Moonves, recently stepped down as CBS's CEO because of sexual misconduct accusations. 
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Emmy Proposal: One of the highlights from last night's Emmy Awards: an on-stage proposal! One winner used his speech time to ask his girlfriend to marry him. The audience burst into cheers and tears. Here's last night's winners or some video of the proposal...
Read more: THREW 

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