theNewsWorthy: Wednesday, September 6th

Oh hey, Hump Day

You're halfway through the week already. That was fast.

We're talking all things Hurricane Irma, how the Boston Red Sox reportedly used an Apple Watch to cheat & a new facebook feature (and much more).

Get caught up in just 10 minutes!


Hump Day Happenings: 

more storms. 

Irma is now the concern. Category 5. Yikes.

high-tech cheating?

A Major League Baseball team is under investigation for possibly using an Apple Watch to cheat...

All the news stories mentioned in today's episode are listed with links below, so you can spend as much -- or as little -- time as you want perusing today's news...


Hurricane Irma: AP, Yahoo! Finance, The Weather Channel


Houston Rockets Sold: ESPN


DACA Announcement: FOX, NPR, WIRED, ABC


Red Sox Cheating: NYT


Facebook Watch: Tech Crunch


Facebook Bot Training: Mashable


“Verizon Up” Rewards: WSJ


Aerospace Merger: CNN, Reuters, The Street


Lego Layoffs: CNN


Pete Frates Day: Daily MailAP



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