theNewsWorthy: Thursday, August 31st

so much news. so little time.

i got you.

get your listen on...

want more?

no prob.

We’ll have a Harvey floor model sale, or something. I’ll come up with some shtick.
— Owner of furniture store turned shelter / via ABC News
This is a brand new way of treating cancer.
— Dr. Stephan Grupp / via PBS NewsHour

All the news stories referenced in today's episode are listed with links below, so you can spend as much -- or as little -- time as you want perusing today's news...


Harvey:  Washington Post, ABC, CNN, NBC, FOX, TIME, FORBES


New Cancer Treatment: CBS, Washington Post, PBS


Instagram Hack: Mashable, NY Daily News


Trump Tax Reform: Financial Times, FOX, NYT


White House Stops Obama’s Policy: WSJ, LA Times


Sen. McCain Returns: FOX, TIME


North Korea Threat: CNN


Amazon + Microsoft: Business Insider, WIRED


Defective Glasses Lawsuit: Business Insider


“World’s Biggest Food Fight” Huff Post



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