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President Trump has now responded to what some have called his ‘Terrible Tuesday.’ 

They’re referring to the day this week when his former campaign chairman Paul Manafort was found guilty, and his former lawyer Michael Cohen pleaded guilty, both to various financial crimes.
Now, President Trump is calling his former lawyer, Michael Cohen, a liar under pressure from prosecutors. 

Remember: Cohen admitted to violating campaign finance laws when he paid two women to keep quiet about alleged affairs with Trump. He says President Trump directed him to do it.  
Trump told FOX News he didn't know about the payments until later, and he says the money was not campaign money, so he feels no laws were broken.
As for Paul Manafort, President Trump tweeted he’s “a brave man” for refusing to “break” under pressure. He also told FOX he may pardon Manafort’s tax and bank fraud crimes.
By the way, Cohen’s lawyer told NPR that Cohen doesn’t want a pardon from Trump. Instead, he implied he’s ready to share more with investigators. In fact, New York State just subpoenaed him for an investigation into the Trump Foundation.
This is not over…
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Another attempted cyberattack on the Democratic National Committee.
The DNC told CNN it called the FBI because it thinks sophisticated hackers tried to access its voter database. Remember: US intelligence officials believe Russia did hack the DNC to influence the 2016 election.
This time, though, DNC officials say they don’t think hackers got a hold of any sensitive data. They say it’s further proof the midterm elections are under threat, and we need to stay on high alert.
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The US and China just put a new round of tariffs on each other’s imports, while at the same time, Bloomberg reports, officials from the US and China are in Washington for day two of trade talks.

For now, an extra tax on $16 billion worth of Chinese imports will affect goods like plastics and electric scooters, and the Chinese retaliation tariffs will see the same amount of tariffs on US goods, like coal and cars. China is even filing a complaint with the World Trade Organization.

One report predicts we’ll feel the most impact from this trade fight in 2019.
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The S&P 500’s bull market turned 3,453 days old yesterday, going down in the record books as the longest bull market ever (a.k.a the longest period of uninterrupted gains).

Even some dips in the S&P 500 did not drop 20 percent or more, which would have meant a new bear market.
Reuters reports tech companies, like Apple and Microsoft, helped the most with the recovery. As bull markets get older, investors get nervous about when they might end.
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Today, Hawaii is bracing for a hurricane: Hurricane Lane. It’s expected to close in on Hawaii today and bring dangerous surf, flash flooding, mudslides and strong winds.
AccuWeather reports if it’s a direct hit, it could bring record damage. Of course, people in Hawaii can’t just get out of town since it’s an island, so they've been stocking up on supplies this week.
At one point, when Hurricane Lane was moving closer to Hawaii, it was a Category 5, and became only the second storm to be that strong and that close to the islands.
Officials are expecting the hurricane to hang out over the islands through Saturday. They’re trying to plan for the worst and hope for the best.
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Another update now about the sexual assault accusations against the Italian actress and director Asia Argento. 

Actor Jimmy Bennett spoke to media about the accusations for the first time. He told The New York Times it’s true that Argento sexually abused himwhen he was 17, but he was “afraid and ashamed” to speak up at first. 
RememberThe Times got a hold of documents showing Argento paid Bennett to keep quiet. Argento then said the assault never happened.
Also, of note: Ohio State University suspended its head football coach for the first three games of the college football season. The university was investigating how Urban Meyer handled domestic violence accusations against a former assistant coach.
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The festivities are still happening around the world as millions of Muslims celebrate Eid al-Adha.
The Islamic holiday celebrates feast and sacrifice. It also marks the end of the yearly Muslim pilgrimage to visit Mecca, known as the Hajj.
Eid al-Adha started earlier this week and lasts through this Saturday.
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Facebook is reportedly deciding how trustworthy you are, but it won’t tell you your own score.
The LA Times reports Facebook’s reputation score is on a scale from zero to one for each user. Apparently, Facebook has been developing this over the last year.
It’s not a public score.
Facebook says it’s part of a process to help ID the people who use its reporting system maliciously (i.e. flag true things as fake news because they don't agree with something). 
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Even teenagers are worried about their relationship with their cell phone. New Pew research found just more than half of teens say they spend too much time on their phones. Around the same percentage say they’ve done something to cut back on phone use.
Another Pew survey found two-thirds of parents are worried about their kids’ screen time, too.
All of that said, tech companies are catching on and are adding new features to help you track your time online or on your phone. For example, CNET reports Apple’s iOS12 update will tell you how much time you spend on your iPhone and on certain apps, like Facebook.
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It’s the #1 sitcom in the world, but CBS announced it’s coming to an end next year.
Sorry fans, but The Big Bang Theory will end in May of 2019 after 12 seasons. In fact, BuzzFeed says, it’s now the longest-running multi-camera series in TV history.
The show producers thanked fans and promised an “epic creative close.”
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