Tuesday, August 20th, 2019

Title X, Robotic Shorts & Apple TV+

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Planned Parenthood Leaves Title X: Planned Parenthood is formally leaving Title X and refusing millions of dollars in federal funding. Title X (pronounced 'ten') is a government program that offers money to help low-income women get birth control, pregnancy tests and other health screenings. The organization is giving it up because the Trump administration attached a new abortion rule to the money, which doesn't allow for abortion referrals. Planned Parenthood says it refuses to go along with what it calls an unethical rule. Supporters of the policy change say giving Planned Parenthood government money frees up funds to use for abortions.
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NYPD Officer Fired: The police officer involved in the death of Eric Garner in 2014 is now out of a job. Though the officer was never charged in court, the New York police commissioner fired him for it yesterday. New York City’s mayor said justice has been served, but the police union says it shows the city doesn’t stand behind its officers. The officer involved plans to appeal.
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Epstein Update: There’s an update about Jeffrey Epstein’s death: the medical examiner found Epstein did die by suicide in a jail cell, which is notable since there were a lot of conspiracy theories floating around about possible murder. Epstein, the multimillionaire accused of sex trafficking and abuse, also reportedly signed and filed a new will just two days before he died.
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Hot Weather: Pennsylvania, Delaware and New Jersey are facing heat advisories today because it may feel like 100 degrees. Phoenix, Arizona could see record-breaking heat today and tomorrow with temps expected to hit 115 degrees. About 100 million people will experience above-average temps. That said, things will start to cool down later in the week.
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CEOs on Purpose: The CEOs of nearly 200 of America’s largest companies just issued a statement which aims to change the definition of the 'purpose of a corporation.' The companies say top business leaders are now focused on investing in their employees, delivering value to customers, dealing ethically with suppliers and supporting outside communities as well. The new statement comes as 2020 presidential candidates criticized some big business practices.
Read more: CNBC

Fake Accounts Removed: Twitter and Facebook have suspended hundreds of fake accounts tied to the Chinese government. Both social sites are accusing China of spreading false information about the recent protests in Hong Kong, calling protesters violent and accusing them of having ulterior motives.
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Robotic Shorts: Harvard University researchers just came up with a powered exosuit that helps you while walking or running. This is great for people who walk long distances, recreational hikers and military and rescue workers. The 11-pound system is basically built around a pair of shorts which connect motors worn on the lower back and the runner’s thighs. The tech still needs more tests for now.
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Target's New Food Brand: A new grocery brand is coming to Target. The company is launching its own line, Good & Gather. It’s expected to be the largest of the company’s private labels, selling more than 2,000 items like organic pizza crust, milk, eggs, peanut butter and pasta. The products will be made without artificial flavors, sweeteners, synthetic colors and high-fructose corn syrup. Target hopes this will boost sales and set them apart from rivals like Trader Joe’s and Walmart. The first products will be available nationwide in September.
Read more: USA Today, CNBC

Upcoming Apple Offerings: Details about Apple Arcade are emerging. The service will reportedly cost $5 per month, which will give users access to more than 100 ad-free games. The gaming service is expected to launch in September, along with three new iPhones. Then, Apple is expected to launch its new video streaming service in November. Reports say Apple TV+ is set to cost $9.99/month, which will put it in direct competition with Disney+, which is also expected to launch in November.
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