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It’s being called the broadest investigation into church sex abuse in US history.
The Washington Post cites a new grand jury report that found more than 300 Catholic priests across the state of Pennsylvania sexually abused children over the last 70 years. The investigation even identified 1,000 child victims, and it says there are probably thousands more.
Then there are also cover-ups, and because of that, there may not be many criminal charges against the abusers. The charges would now be too old to prosecute.
A statement from Pennsylvania’s Catholic bishops called for prayers for the victims, and said new measures are already making the church safer. The Vatican press office didn’t comment.
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Secret recordings and a legal fight. NBC News says President Trump is pushing back against a fired White House aide and ex-reality TV star.
Trump filed an arbitration complaint against Omarosa Manigault Newman, saying she broke the confidentiality agreement she signed back in 2016.
Newman has been making the rounds on TV news shows this week with secret recordings from the White House and serious claims against the president. She says he’s a misogynist and racist.
It’s all coming out this week as she promotes her new book, Unhinged.
Her tapes do not have the president saying the n-word, but Newman is claiming that such a tape does exist, and she’s heard it. President Trump tweeted the word is not in his vocabulary, but in another tweet this week, he did call Newman – an African-American woman – “crazed” and a “dog.”
The White House Press Secretary said she can’t guarantee anything about a tape, but she’s never heard the president use that word.
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It’s official: Christine Hallquist is the first transgender woman to be a major party’s nominee for governor. Democrats in Vermont voted for her last night.
Also, the Associated Press says, in Minnesota, Democrats elected Ilhan Omar, who could become the first Somali-American member of Congress.
On the Republican side, candidates who support President Trump were the big winners.
They’ll be facing off in the midterm elections this November.
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A bridge collapsed in northern Italy yesterday. Reuters reports at least 37 people have died, and unfortunately, the death toll is expected to rise.
It happened in the town of Genoa yesterday. The bridge is part of a major highway connecting Italy to France.
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Turkey is trying to fight back in the feud with the US.
The Wall Street Journal reports the Turkish president is calling for a boycott of iPhones and other US goods.
Remember: some of the tension between the two countries stems from the fate of an American pastor who is detained. President Trump wants him back, but it’s not happening, so Trump put sanctions and tariffs on Turkey.
It hasn’t been a great time since Turkey is already dealing with an economic crisis. The AP reports diplomats from both countries are still talking and negotiating.
To be continued…
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A group of founders, former employees and even current employees of the dating app, Tinder, are suing the company that owns the app. The same company owns and several other brands.
CNBC says they’re asking for at least $2 billion. They claim the app’s owner – a company called IAC – manipulated financial info and stripped away their stock options.

IAC and its parent company, Match Group, say the allegations are “meritless.”
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Uber is trying to get around new regulations in New York City. Uber told Business Insider it’ll “do whatever it takes to keep up with growing demand.”
So far, “whatever it takes” means setting up a new system where drivers can share cars. In other words, it means one driver will be done with a shift, and then another driver can use the same car to get back out on the road. Uber says it may even recruit taxi drivers, too.
It’s probably not what the New York City Council had in mind with the new limits just put in place. Remember: the city put a cap on the number of cars Uber and Lyft can operate over the next year. Council members said the ride services were causing too much traffic.

Read More: Business Insider


More people are buying smart speakers.
TechCrunch cites a report from a market research firm. It says smart speaker sales are on pace to increase 50 percent by 2019.
Smart speakers include the Amazon Echo, Google Home and Apple HomePod. Samsung is expected to release their version as well, the Galaxy Home.
In fact, we’ve already heard of hotels incorporating Amazon’s smart speakers. Now it looks like colleges may get on board, too. Digital Trends says an Amazon Echo Dot is going into every single on-campus living space at St. Louis University.

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