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On the one-year anniversary of the deadly rally in Charlottesville, one of the organizers tried to plan another rally in Washington, DC. It didn’t really work: it was mostly counter-protesters who showed up.
The Washington Post reports only a few dozen ‘Unite The Right’ supporters came while thousands of people were there protesting against them.

In the city of Charlottesville, many people came out to honor the woman who died a year ago during that rally. Remember: a group of white supremacists held a rally in Charlottesville last year when a car rammed into a crowd of counter-protesters, killing Heather Heyer.
No reports of violence during the rally this year.

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A former White House employee released a secret recording of the White House Chief of Staff firing her back in December.
Omarosa Manigault Newman went on NBC’s Meet The Press with the recording yesterday, as she promotes her new book out this week.
In the tape, you can hear a man she says is White House Chief of Staff John Kelly. He says she had some serious integrity issues, and they should part ways in a friendly way or things could get ugly for her.
Newman called that last part an obvious threat.
FOX News reports Newman violated White House security rules by even having a recording device with her in the West Wing, but it’s not clear yet if she actually broke any laws.
The host of Meet The Press called her out for defending the president many times in the past. Her response? She was playing a role, and complied with the president at the time. Not anymore.
Newman makes other claims in her new book as well, saying she was offered hush money and called the president racist.

White House officials say her book is full of lies, and she’s a disgruntled former employee hoping to profit.
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Hackers got into election equipment set up to be tested.
No real election results were impacted, but now the concern this could happen is pretty real. The machines were provided for DEFCON: the largest hacker conference in the world, which took place in Las Vegas.
BuzzFeed News reports hackers were able to get into five voting machines set up for this at the conference. Even an 11-year-old girl was able to hack a pretend version of election results on a Florida website.
Organizers and some experts say it’s important to find the vulnerabilities so they can be fixed.
The National Association of Secretaries of State says the exercise doesn't have the actual election systems and security in place on Election Day.
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There are some security concerns because of an airline worker who was able to steal a plane at the Seattle airport, and then crash it on purpose. The New York Times calls it “as bizarre as it is tragic.”
Richard B. Russell was the only employee on the plane when it crashed. Authorities say he was suicidal. He died; no one else was hurt.
Now, there’s a lot of talk about how he got the plane in the first place.
The airline employee reportedly worked for the regional airline Horizon Air, which is owned by Alaska Airlines. His job was to deal with luggage and cargo. After his shift on Friday night, he took off from the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport. He even had a conversation with air traffic controllers saying he’s sorry before crashing.
The whole ordeal caused delays at the airport, affecting thousands of travelers. The New York Times says airplane theft isn’t uncommon, but it’s usually with small private planes, not commercial airliners.
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Airbnb has officially been around for ten years now.
TechCrunch posted about its first article on ‘AirBed and Breakfast,’ saying anyone with an airbed or couch can post a room. In fact, the CEO tweeted, they used to think the number of airbeds sold each year was how big Airbnb could become. Of course, Airbnb has grown into a $30 billion company that will likely go public next year.
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Spotify may let you skip ads, even on the free version… maybe.
AdAge reports the company is testing the feature in Australia right now. The idea is to let advertisers pay only for ads listeners actually listen to while learning which ads each listener actually wants to hear.
Spotify calls it Active Media, but for now, it’s only a test. TBD if it comes to the U.S. and other places.
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The winner at the box office over the weekend was The Meg, the movie about a giant shark.
Variety reports it earned $44.5 million in North America. A Warner Brothers exec says it’s just "good entertainment" that is "silly" and "fun."
Another movie that debuted over the weekend that's been getting a lot of attention is BlacKkkKlansman by director Spike Lee. It’s about the true story of a black detective and a Jewish police officer who work together to infiltrate the Colorado Springs chapter of the Ku Klux Klan. It debuted in fifth place at the box office.
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Ellen DeGeneres is on a stand-up comedy tour right now, and her show in Seattle later this month will be filmed for a Netflix comedy special.
Forbes reports she’s getting $20 million for it, which makes DeGeneres the first and only female comedian to get that much for one stand-up set.
Ellen is visiting three cities over eight nights: San Diego, San Francisco and Seattle. The comedy special is expected to hit Netflix later this year.
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