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We now know more about a plan to cut back on clean car emissions rules in the U.S. The Trump administration wants to make the current rules less strict.
Right now, the Wall Street Journal reports auto makers are supposed to cut emissions enough so that new cars will average more than 50 miles per gallon by 2025.
Not anymore, if this new plan goes through. The new standard would mean cars would only require fuel economy to reach 37 miles per gallon.
The Trump administration says the current rules would be too costly because it would cause car prices to increase and drivers would just keep older, dirtier and more dangerous cars.
Critics say that better fuel efficiency saves people money and is better for their health because it means less air pollution. It may be able to help mitigate the effects of climate change, too.
One of those critics is Xavier Becerra, the Attorney General of California, especially because there’s a chance the federal government will strip California’s power to have even stricter emissions standards than the rest of the country. He plans to fight it in court. 
Read More: Wall Street Journal, New York Times


Things are tense between President Trump and some media outlets – maybe even more than before.
At a rally last night, the Associated Press reports Trump called the media“fake, fake disgusting news.”
But earlier, at an event held by news outlet Axios, the president’s daughter, Ivanka Trump, said she doesn’t agree with her dad’s view and past comments that the press is the enemy of the people. President Trump later chimed in on that, saying his daughter is right: it’s not all media – but the "fake news" media that is the enemy.
It also got heated in the press briefing yesterday, too. CNN’s Jim Acosta got into it with Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders. He wanted her to say that the press is not the enemy. He walked out after she refused.
Read More: Axios, NewsWeek, MarketwatchThe Associated PressCNN


The Pope is making some changes to the Catholic Church’s teachings, at least when it comes to the death penalty.

The Washington Post says Pope Francis is now calling the death penalty “inadmissible,” and the Church is rejecting it – no matter what. Before, it had been considered OK in rare cases.

Now, the Vatican says it’ll work to get rid of the death penalty worldwide. Some critics are upset, saying Pope Francis is trying to change the Church’s teaching just to match his own opinions.

Read More: The Washington Post


Ohio State University is dealing with another problem this week.
The New York Times reports more than 100 former wrestlers have come forward to say they were molested by the past team doctor, Dr. Richard Strauss. At least three have filed lawsuits against the university. The doctor killed himself back in 2005.
This news comes after an announcement earlier this week that Ohio State’s head football coach is going on paid leave. He’s also involved in an ongoing investigation into what he knew about domestic abuse accusations against a former assistant coach.
Read More: New York Times, CBS Sports


More than a dozen wildfires are still burning in California and thousands of firefighters have been dealing with record-breaking, triple digit heat.
The largest wildfire, in and around Redding, is now considered the sixth-most destructive wildfire in California’s history. The governor said this week that this may become the new normal for the state.
Here's how you can help victims.
Read More: USA Today, LA Times, PBS (How To Help) 


Apple just became the first U.S. company to hit $1 trillion in market value. 

Experts told CNBC it’s just proof of how powerful Apple’s ecosystem has become. Apple likely got there not just through iPhone or MacBook sales, but also with software and services. Think: the App Store, Apple Pay, iTunes and iCloud services.

The Wall Street Journal points out the top five most valuable companies are all in tech: Apple; Amazon; Google’s parent company, Alphabet; Microsoft and Facebook.
Together, they make up nearly 15 percent of the entire S&P 500’s total value.

Read More: CNBC, Wall Street Journal


As for Google, they may be going back to China. 

Google left China back in 2010 to protest censorship there, but The Intercept is reporting Google is now working on an Android search app for China. It would block sensitive websites and search terms in order to go along with the content rules set by Beijing. Topics like human rights, democracy, religion and more are not allowed.

Some say it goes against Google’s ethics for a free and open internet, but others say there’s a huge void in the tech available in China.

At this point, it’s all based on media reports - Google isn't commenting.

Read More: The Intercept, CNN


That’s not a typo: apparently you can pre-pre-order the next Samsung Galaxy phone.

It will likely be the Galaxy Note 9, but Samsung hasn’t officially said yet. Mashable found a website that lets you “reserve the next Galaxy,” without actually telling you anything about it.

You don’t have to pay up – yet. The site just lets you reserve a chance to get early-access and actually pre-order the phone once available.

More details about what you’ll actually get with the phone are expected to come out at an event on August 9th. Stay tuned.

Read More: Mashable


She’s known as Arya Stark on Game of Thrones -  the popular series on HBO. Now, she’s all about an app.

Actress Maisie Williams co-founded an app called Daisie, which launched this week.

Business insider reports it’s meant to be a sort of social media network for people in the arts and film industries. Williams says she got a lucky break, but Hollywood is usually all about who you know, so she wants to help others break into the industry by using the app.

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