Tuesday, July 30th, 2019

Dem Debate 2, Capital One Data Breach & Google Pixel 4 

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Story Summaries

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Dem Debate 2: The second Democratic presidential debate will take place in Detroit tonight. CNN is hosting this time around. Tonight’s top candidates include Senators Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders. The debate starts at 8:00pm ET.
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NorCal Shooting Update: There are more details about the shooting at the Garlic Festival on Sunday night in Gilroy, California. The gunman posted two photos on Instagram before opening fire, including one that encouraged people to read a book used by white supremacists. Police say the 19-year old used a semi-automatic rifle that he legally bought in Nevada. Police killed the gunman but say they're still investigating a possible second suspect who may have been with him.
Read more: AP, LA Times, NBC News

Capital One Data Breach: A hacker accessed personal info on more than 100 million Capitol One credit card applications in one of the largest-ever data breaches to hit a big bank. The FBI arrested a 33-year old woman accused of breaking through a firewall to access customer data that was stored on Amazon’s web-based storage service. Most of the data was addresses, dates of birth, emails and income from credit card applications between 2005 and 2019. Capital One says specific credit card numbers and passwords were not compromised. Capital One will offer free credit monitoring to affected customers.
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Fortnite World Cup: Kyle Giersdorf, known as “Bugha,” won $3 million in the first-ever Fortnite World Cup. It’s the largest-ever payout for a single player in an e-sports tournament. Revenue coming in from e-sports around the world will hit more than $1 billion in 2019, up nearly 30 percent since last year.
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Contact Lenses That Zoom: Researchers have come up with a contact lens that can zoom in when the person wearing them blinks twice. It responds to electric impulses during eye movements. It could be awhile before people can actually wear these since the prototype has only worked on a special rig (not a human eye), but scientists are hopeful it’ll be a real option in the future.
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Google Pixel 4: Google teased some of the new features on its Pixel 4 phone, including Motion Sense and Face Unlock. Face Unlock lets you unlock your phone by looking at it (similar to Apple’s Face ID), but Google says its feature works at almost any orientation, like upside down. The motion sensor can detect tiny hand or finger movements near the phone, making it easier to skip songs, snooze alarm or silence phone calls with a wave of the hand. It will likely come out in October.
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W Doc & YouTubeTV: PBS is releasing a documentary about former President George W. Bush. The two-part documentary called “W” will be all about Bush’s life and political career, covering his road to the Oval Office and his response to 9/11 and the war in Iraq. The documentary will air next spring. Meanwhile, PBS will soon be available to stream on YouTube TV for the first time. YouTube TV will now have live access to the entire PBS channel..
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Katy Perry Copyright Case: Katy Perry just lost a legal case and will likely have to pay up. A jury says her 2013 hit song “Dark Horse” copied Christian rap song “Joyful Noiseby Marcus Gray. It's based on the beats of the song, not the lyrics. A jury will now decide how much money Perry and other defendants will have to pay for copyright infringement.
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“Old Town Road” Makes History: Hit song “Old Town Road” by rapper Lil Nas X, featuring Billy Ray Cyrus, just made Billboard chart history. The song has been number one on Billboard’s Top 100 list for 17 weeks in a row, the longest-running number one single since the chart’s creation.
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