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Unfortunately, there’s a mass shooting to tell you about. It happened in Toronto, Canada outside a restaurant last night in a busy area with many cafes and shops.
CTV cites police and reports at least 14 people were shot, including a young girl, and at least one person had died. The shooter is now dead.
Police are still investigating a possible motive. Expect more details to come out today.

Read more: Toronto SunDailyMailCTV


President Trump’s former lawyer, Michael Cohen, secretly taped a private conversation with Trump two months before the 2016 presidential election. Well, the FBI got ahold of the tape first, and now everyone from Fox News to the New York Times is reporting details of it.
The two men talk about payment to a former Playboy model, Karen McDougal, who said she had an affair with Trump in 2006. President Trump is calling it “totally unheard of and perhaps illegal” for his lawyer to tape him, and he added in the tweet “your favorite president did nothing wrong!”
Critics say this shows the White House wasn’t honest when a spokeswoman said he didn’t know about a payment. Remember, the National Enquirer ended up paying for McDougal’s story and then never reported it. The NYT reports prosecutors may now be taking a close look to see if any laws were broken by the Trump campaign or that media organization.
President Trump’s current lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, says yes, the recording is real, but Trump never paid her or the paper.

Now, some wonder: are there more tapes?
Read more: FOX NewsNYT


More talk over the weekend about secret surveillance. This time, the FBI was spying on a former Trump campaign adviser, Carter Page. The Wall Street Journal reports top-secret surveillance warrants were released showing the FBI requesting the ability to spy on Page because they believed he was working with Russia. Page has said he didn't do anything wrong.
What these new documents actually reveal depends on who you ask.

Some say they show the FBI went through the proper steps before investigating Page. President Trump and others say it shows his campaign was “illegally being spied upon.” Either way, USA Today reports, it’s the first time warrant applications like this have been released to the public, although parts of the documents were blacked out.
Read more: WSJAPUSA Today


Federal investigations are now looking into the decisions of a tourist boat company because of a tragedy near Branson, Missouri. The boat capsized in a lake late last week, and now 17 people of the 31 on board are dead. Nine of them are from the same family.
One survivor told CNN they were told a storm is coming when the boat left, but things were calm. It wasn’t until later severe weather and strong winds hit. The state attorney general is also concerned about the type of boat, a so-called duck boat, and its safety in emergencies.


A controversial birth control implant is about to go off the market. It’s called Essure and was originally marketed as a permanent birth control solution without surgery.
Well, USA Today reports more than 16,000 women are now suing the company behind it: Bayer. The FDA even issued its most serious warning about the device back in 2016. Now, Bayer says, it’ll stop selling the device all together.
Read more: NYTUSA TodayCNN


Heads up: some Ritz Crackers are being recalledSome may have been made with an ingredient that could have salmonella bacteria. So far, no reports of illnesses, so it’s just a precaution.


It seems Snapchat is getting rid of Snapcash. If you didn’t already know, Snapcash was supposed to be a Venmo competitor, but it reportedly didn’t quite work out that way.

TechCrunch says it ended up becoming popular for, well, adult performers to get paid for private Snapchat content, and Snapchat isn't happy about it. Reports say Snapcash is going away by the end of August.
Read moreTechCrunch



She’s the well-known producer and the force behind hit shows like Grey’s Anatomy and ScandalNow, Shonda Rhimes has announced a bunch of new shows coming up, all on Netflix.
Remember, it was a pretty big Hollywood shakeup when she left ABC for Netflix in a $300 million deal. Well, her production company Shondaland is now planning eight new series that include some stories based on best-selling novels. Stay tuned.
Read more: THR


It’s being called a surprise twist after two sequels went head-to head at the box office. The weekend’s winner was not the expected Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again.

Instead, Variety reports The Equalizer 2 came in at number oneSony’s sequel debuted with $35.8 million in North America. It was Denzel Washington’s first sequel ever.

Mamma Mia 2 still did pretty well and is expected to be a hit overseas.
Read more: BillboardVariety


There were plenty of movie announcements at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con over the weekend. Comic-Con is the biggest exhibition for comic book, movie and TV enthusiasts.
The Verge reports Warner Bros. stole the show with its panelrevealing a lineup of upcoming movies from Aquaman to Godzilla: King of the Monstersand several more.
Also -- Variety reports some new cast members are coming to the CW’s show, ‘Supergirl,’ including TV’s first ever transgender superhero.

Read more: The VergeTechCrunch (video trailers), Variety


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