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Protests with tens of thousands of people are expected in London today during President Trump’s visit. Protesters will also fly that ‘Trump baby' blimp.
President trump arrived in London yesterday after the NATO Summit, but he won’t spend much time there today. He’ll be in other areas of the UK before heading to Scotland for the weekend.
A lot has happened in the last 24 hours, though:
Before heading to London, President Trump claimed victory for the NATO Summit. Trump says he convinced NATO allies to up their spending on military “like they never have before.” But leaders in France and Italy both said no new promises were actually made.
The tension didn’t stop there:

Once President Trump landed in London and met with UK PM Theresa May, he also criticized her policies. He told the UK paper The Sun that her plan for Brexit will hurt future trade deals with the U.S.

Up next? 

Scotland then Helsinki, where Trump will meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin on Monday.
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The U.S. Justice Department is reopening its investigation into the murder of Emmett TIll, the black teenager who was murdered in Mississippi more than 60 years ago. The case shocked the world and helped inspire the civil rights movement.
The NYT reports the Justice Department is opening the decades old case based on what it calls "new information." It's not clear what the new info is, though.
The two men who confessed to the killing and were acquitted by an all white jury back then are now dead.
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The Justice Department is trying to stop the deal between AT&T and Time Warner.

Remember: the $85 billion deal got the OK from a judge last month.

Now, the WSJ reports the government is appealing the decision and says it would hurt competition in the pay-TV industry. AT&T says the judge's decision last month was based on the facts.

The appeals process could take months.
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It’s being called the world’s first full-color, 3D X-rays. If you’re not a doctor, you may need to prepare yourself before looking at the images.
Gizmodo reports a New Zealand company has developed this new type of medical imaging scanner. It can see not just bones, but also muscle, fat, liquids and more.
Why it matters: It could mean a better view of your insides without having to cut you open, and the possibility of noticing another health issue while looking for others.

Clinical trials will be happening soon in New Zealand.
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The World Cup final is this weekend... 

Belgium and England will play to see who gets third place, but the big day (soccer’s biggest!) is on Sunday.

Croatia and France will face off in Russia for the title, and it’s Croatia’s first time to get that far. The game starts at 8am PT / 11am ET Sunday.

This weekend will also determine the Wimbledon champs. U.S. tennis star Serena Williams will go for the singles title on Saturday, and if she wins, she’ll tie for the record with 24 grand slam titles. The men's finals are on Sunday.
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Feel Good Friday:
"There is no right and wrong, no good and bad, no must-bes. This is it."
-Live Awake podcast (my fav meditations) by Sarah Blondin


Need a nap? The mattress company Casper hopes you say yes and are even willing to pay for it.
Casper just opened a storefront called “The Dreamery” in NY that lets you pay $25 for a 45 minute nap on one of its beds.
Techcrunch reports each bed is inside a sleep pod that is basically a big wooden ‘O’ with curtains and soundproof backing.

If this goes well, Casper says you may see these new nap nooks in more places, like airports.
Read more: TechCrunch


A big ‘Build-A-Bear’ promotion seemed to work so well that it actually failed. Now, the company is trying to make it up to parents.
So first - what happened? The one-day promo was called “Pay Your Age,” which worked like it sounds. So USA Today reports parents lined up with their young kids hoping to score a Build-A-Bear for just a buck or two, and some parents waited six hours...

Then, the company posted online that local authorities told them they couldn’t accept any more guests because of safety concerns. The lines and crowds were apparently too big. The company shut down the line, and that didn’t go over so well.

What now? Build-A-Bear says it gave $15 vouchers to people who were turned away, and now, anyone (even if you weren't in line) can get a voucher.
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Spend $10 at Whole Foods between now and July 17th and get $10  credit to Amazon.

It’s part of Amazon’s pre-Prime Day deals because Prime Day deals start Monday.
Here are some deals already happening: 

$100 off the Echo Show*
-50% off Prime Video & DVDs
-Amazon Music Unlimited for $0.99/month*
-Try a month of Amazon Prime for free here*
No interest in Prime? No worries. CNET says other companies are planning big deals on Monday to compete, like eBay.
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Netflix beat HBO for the most Emmy nominations for the first time ever.Netflix has 112 nominations this year and HBO has 108.
HBO still did just fine, though. "Game of Thrones” got the most nominations of all shows with 22 nods and another HBO show ‘Westworld’ came in second alongside  NBC's "Saturday Night Live."
Speaking of SNL, the hosts are the show’s ‘Weekend Update’ anchors Colin Jost and Michael Che.
This year marks the 70th annual Primetime Emmys and airs September 17th on NBC.
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