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The Trump administration wants colleges to mostly ignore race when deciding which applicants to admit, which would get rid of guidelines the Obama administration put in place. 
Reminder: The U.S. Supreme Court has ruled that universities may use affirmative action to help minority applicants get into college. But there are different interpretations of that ruling.

The Obama guidelines laid out recommendations for schools, in part explaining that it’s legally okay to use race as a tool in admissions.
Now Reuters reports the Trump administration feels those guidelines went too far, beyond what the Supreme Court intended. Critics say the move offends our nation's promise to give opportunity for all.

To be clear: no actual law has changed.
Read more: NYTWSJReuters


The same type of nerve agent that was used to almost kill a former Russian spy and his daughter just made two more people sick in England. British police say a man and woman in their 40s are in critical condition because of it.

 TIME reports authorities aren’t sure if they were exposed to chemicals somehow left behind from the last attack or if this was an entirely new attack.
Remember, this nerve agent is military-grade. The British government believes it was Russia that attacked the former spy and his daughter four months ago.
Read more: TIMENYT


The World Cup quarterfinals are starting tomorrow and the final eight teams are set.
However, there are some privacy questions about how Russia operated the World Cup this year..
The New York Times reports every fan at the World Cup in Russia this year must have a digital Fan ID: basically a badge with your picture and information. They’re meant to be for security, and Russian authorities said they conducted background checks on everyone to avoid terrorist attacks and other threats. Some fans even like them as keepsakes.
Privacy advocates say it's giving the government too much data. They say Russia should destroy all the info as soon as the World Cup is over, but it’s unclear if that’ll happen.
Read more: NYT


Today, Ronda Rousey will become the first woman inducted into the UFC Hall of Fame.

Remember: She defended her UFC title six times and holds records for the fastest finishes in her division. She later left the UFC and is now wrestling with the WWE.

Still, the UFC president said there would be no women in UFC without Ronda Rousey. He called her a pioneer and a global icon.
Read more: UFCESPN



Volkswagen is launching a new car sharing service. It's not ride sharing, like Uber and Lyft, but is more like Car-2-Go, which lets you rent a car by the minute.
TechCrunch reports the new program will be called WEIt’s starting out in Germany next year, then the company has plans to go to other major cities in North America, Europe, and Asia starting in the year 2020.
Read more: BloombergTechCrunch


Amazon’s Prime Day is coming up in less than two weeks. It means discounts and deals for the Amazon site itself and at Whole Foods (Amazon now owns Whole Foods). 

Amazon announced Prime Day will start July 16th at noon Pacific Time and will feature more than a million deals.
TechCrunch says this year’s Prime Day will last 36 hours and will be available in more countries than ever before.
Also: Bloomberg reports Amazon will start to publish a holiday toy catalog (as in a printed-out, physical catalog) in an effort to pick-up some of the former Toys ‘R’ Us shoppers (Toys R Us shut down for good as of last week).
Read more: TechCrunchBloomberg


For the 11th time, Joey “Jaws” Chestnut won Nathan’s Fourth of July Hot Dog Eating Contest. The contest happens every year on Coney Island in New York City.

The winner ate 74 hot dogs, buns included, in just 10 minutes.
Read more: TIME



CGI Social media influencers

 "Don’t be surprised five years from now, we start thinking about CGI influencers, augmented reality and virtual reality as the new normal. It’s just the rate of change we have today." - Brian Fanzo, iSocialFanz

Read More: CNN

Special guest Brian Fanzo 

Brian Fanzo inspires, motivates and educates businesses on how to leverage emerging technologies and digital marketing to standout from the noise and reach the millennial and Generation Z consumers.

He has a diverse background working for the Department of Defense in cybersecurity, then as a technology evangelist at a booming cloud computing startup and is currently the founder of iSocialFanz, which has helped launch digital and influencer strategies with the world’s most iconic brands like Dell EMC, Adobe, IBM, UFC, Applebees and SAP.  

A proud pager-wearing millennial and Dad of three girls, Brian hosts two podcasts (FOMOFanz & SMACtalk), has traveled to over 70 countries and has spoken at many of the worlds largest events including SXSW, Social Media Marketing World, CES, Mobile World Congress.


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