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Trade tensions are heating up again between the U.S and China, and the back and forth is getting closer to a full-on trade war.
The Wall Street Journal reports President Trump is now threatening another round of tariffs, this time an extra 10% tax on $200 billion in Chinese imports. That’s on top of tariffs on $50 billion worth of imports. China threatened to retaliate right away, so President Trump is now threatening more as a warning.
Trump says China’s trade practices are unfair and this must be done to stop them. Critics say American families will be the ones who suffer most as it impacts businesses and the economy. To be continued.

Read more: WSJReuters



The controversy and outrage continues over kids being taken from their parents at the U.S.-Mexico border. Lawmakers are still planning to consider new legislation this week.
Even among growing criticism, the White House is not backing down. President Trump now says the U.S. won’t be a migrant camp. The Secretary of Homeland Security says illegal actions must have consequences, and these families are crossing the border illegally. She added that the children are being treated well. A Fox News host argues criminals are separated from their kids all the time.
Some critics believe the children are being used as a negotiating tool: a way to try and force funding for Trump’s border wall, and many say it’s cruel. ProPublica got a hold of secretly recorded audio where you can hear kids who were recently separated from their parents crying and calling for Mom and Dad. Most of those kids were sent to government-run shelters.
Even some prominent Republicans are going against what the White House, including top lawmakers and former First Lady Laura Bush.

So what exactly will Congress do this week? And will new legislation pass? Stay tuned.

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President Trump wants to start a Space Force, as in the Air Force, but in space – a sixth, separate branch of the armed forces. The president said it’s not enough to be in space; there should be “American dominance in space.”
Not everyone thinks it’s a good idea. Critics are concerned about the cost and taking the focus away from other missions. Either way, the White House said the president has asked the Department of Defense to get it going. 

Read more: CBS NewsCNBC



Two different car companies are dealing with trouble right now.

First up: Audi. Reuters reports German authorities arrested the Audi CEO and put him in jail. The same guy sits on Volkswagen’s board, since VW owns Audi.
Why was he arrested? It’s all stemming from that emissions scandal that started three years ago. Remember, VW and Audi were accused of using illegal software to cheat on emissions tests. It led to a bunch of recalls, some criminal charges in the U.S. and investigations in Europe.
The other car company dealing with trouble this week? Tesla. CEO Elon Musk says the company has been sabotaged! Or that’s at least what he put in an email to employees. CNBC reports Musk described how an employee changed the code on some products and sent out sensitive company data without permission. He told employees to be on the lookout.

Read more: ReutersNYTAP  Tesla Sabotage: CNBC



It’s not all bad news in the auto industry. Volvo says it’ll be ramping up the amount of recycled materials it uses in cars. The company hopes to have at least 25% of the plastics used in new Volvo car models come from recycled materials by the year 2025. For example, the carpet might have fibers made from recycled plastic bottles.
Reuters reports many big companies are working to use more materials that can be recycled later, but this goes a step further by actually using recycled materials in the manufacturing. The United Nations praised the plan.

Read more: Reuters

Today's Life Lesson:
"Sometimes we must suffer heartbreak to truly open us up and let out all the greatness we hold within."
From Optimal Relationships Daily



There could be a new low-cost airline coming. Airline Weekly reports the founder of JetBlue is working on an airline called Moxy Airways, but it’s still in the funding stage.
It would apparently service smaller airports around the country. Bloomberg reports it would likely be similar to JetBlue where it would offer spacious seats and Wi-Fi, but then charge fees for other services like snacks and seat assignments.

Moxy might be ready to fly by the year 2020.

Read more: BloombergAirline Weekly



Video game addiction just became an official disease, at least according to the World Health Organization’s newest list. It’ll specifically be called “Gaming Disorder,” and it's expected to be a formal thing by next year.
For those who struggle with it, the New York Times reports the new classification will help make sure insurance companies cover treatment and may encourage people to get help if they’re ignoring other parts of their lives to play video games.
The gaming industry doesn’t love the new plan and argues games are often educational, therapeutic and fun.

A reported 2.6 billion people play video games around the world.

Read more: NYT



Android users - this is for you! Google is rolling out Messages for web, meaning you can now sync and send text messages from your Android straight from your laptop or desktop.
TechCrunch says it’s Google’s response to the iPhone’s iMessage. Google’s version will let you send stickers, GIFs, emojis and images (as well as text).

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Apple just announced something new as well: something to help out in an emergency. In the next software update (iOS12), people who call 911 from their iPhone will automatically share their exact location with first responders.

Apple says the data will only go to the 911 center responding. Expect that new software update later this year.

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Let's talk about the biggest winners at the MTV Movie and TV AwardsBlack Panther got the most awards with four, including Best Movie. As for TV: Netflix’s Stranger Things was the big winner with three awards, including Best Show.
The host, Tiffany Haddish, also won an award for her role in the movie Girls Trip.

Read more: Variety



Today is Juneteenth - aka Freedom Day!

It’s the celebration of the end of slavery in the U.S. It was on June 19th, 1865 when the last slaves in Texas were freed. And yes, it was a couple years after President Abraham Lincoln made slavery illegal, but it took time for everyone to find out and actually comply.

Many people celebrate Juneteenth like the Fourth of July, with parties and picnics.

Read more: CNN, AJC



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