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Re-Election Campaign Rally: President Trump is officially kicking off his 2020 re-election campaign tonight with a rally in Orlando, Florida. Supporters are already standing in line to get in, and President Trump says he expects record crowds. Some protesters are also expected to show. Meanwhile, Trump tweeted last night that there will be arrests of “millions of illegal aliens" starting next week. Whether or not finding 'millions' is even possible with staff and budget constraints, supporters say mass arrests will help send a message, while critics worry about separating more families.
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Read more (Mass Arrests): The Washington Post

Iran Threat: The Trump administration has ordered 1,000 new troops to the Middle East for surveillance and intelligence gathering. The deployment comes after Iran says it might break a key part of the 2015 nuclear agreement. Iran says it will soon have more uranium than it’s supposed to under the deal. If that happens, the country could build a nuclear weapon in about a year’s time. Trump left the nuclear deal with Iran last year. The new threat is seen as an ultimatum to Europe to help Iran curb tough U.S. sanctions. Europe has urged restraint on all sides.
Read more: AP, WSJ, NYT, ABC News, Reuters

Gender Stereotyping Ads: The U.K. is banning gender stereotypes in advertisements. Certain messages about body image will also be banned. Officials say it all contributes to inequality and limits people’s potential over time. Critics wonder how this will be enforced, since it might be hard to draw the line between what’s actually a gender stereotype and what could be considered a representation of real life.
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Taylor Swift Gets Political: Pop superstar Taylor Swift is getting more political than ever before. She debuted her newest music video yesterday, and it tells fans to sign a petition on to urge the Senate to pass the Equality Act. That would mean a national ban on discrimination based on sexual orientation. The new music video also highlights LGTBQ marriage and has plenty of celebrity cameos. Watch it below... 
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Self-Flying Plane: Autonomous planes could be coming. Airbus says it already has the technology to fly planes without pilots, but now the question is: when will regulators and travelers get on board with the idea? It could be awhile...
Read more: AP

Domino’s Driverless Delivery: Self-driving cars may soon be delivering your Domino’s pizza. The chain is partnering with a robotic company to deliver pizzas in Houston, Texas later this year. Customers will have the option to pick autonomous delivery when ordering. If they do, they’ll get a PIN to unlock a compartment on the car to grab their meals. If all goes well, self-driving delivery may come to other cities.
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Comcast Eye Control:  Comcast customers can now control their TVs with their eyes. The Xfinity X1 eye control will let customers change channels, set DVR recordings and navigate through menus using only their eyes. Comcast says this will be especially helpful for people with physical disabilities. The feature is free and can be used with Eyegaze hardware or software.
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Picture-in-Picture Mode: Apple TV is planning to roll out picture-in-picture mode, which will allow you to stream two shows at once -- one taking up most of the screen, with another in a smaller view. Picture-in-picture will only be available for content provided by Apple TV, such as content purchased through iTunes or TV shows streamed on Apple’s upcoming subscription service.
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Hunger Games Prequel: A new Hunger Games book and movie are in the works. Author Suzanne Collins says she’s writing a prequel set 64 years before the beginning of the first book in the series. The book doesn’t have a title yet, but it’s set to come out next May. Lionsgate is working on a movie, but it’s still in the early stages and doesn’t have a cast yet.
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