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It looks like a trade war with China (or at least the threat of one) is back on. The White House now says China can expect 25 percent tariff on $50 billion worth of Chinese imports, mostly in the tech space.
REMEMBER: These are the world's two largest economies, and there's been a lot of back and forth in recent months. Then, it was just last week when the Treasury Secretary said the trade war was "on hold." It was meant to help the two countries negotiate a trade deal

Not anymore. Fox News reports the specific list of which goods could have tariffs might come out as soon as next month. Some are now questioning how the change in tone will affect negotiations. Stay tuned.

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Privacy rights groups are excited about this one. The U.S. Supreme Court just ruled that police need a warrant to search the area around a private home, including any cars on private property.
USA Today says cars are usually fair game in a way. If police have probable cause, or see something that looks illegal in the car, they can search it without a warrant. This ruling says, not so fast. That exception to the rule does not apply if the car is on private property.
Supporters say the ruling protects against unreasonable searches. Critics say it goes against common sense; if police see something that’s likely illegal, they should be able to investigate quickly.

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If you have an internet router at your office, or even just at home, the FBI wants to you to reboot it. Really. Turn it off and turn it back on. It’s all because of Russian hackers.
The FBI says turning the router off and on will disrupt the malware (if it’s already on your router). Then, because of certain steps the FBI has taken, that malware shouldn’t be able infect your device again once you restart it. The New York Times reports the malware can block web traffic, collect personal data, and disable the device all together.

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A new Harvard study found Hurricane Maria may have been a lot deadlier than once thought.

Maria hit Puerto Rico last September, and the government said the official death toll was just 64. Since then, some news reports questioned that number, and now this study goes a step further. Researchers call the official number a “substantial underestimate.”
In fact, NBC News says they found 4,645 more people died in Puerto Rico in the few months after the hurricane than the same time period the year before. They actually think the real death toll could be more than 5,700.
There’s another independent review happening right now. Expect those results this summer.

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Today's Life Tip:
"When we gently acknowledge our pain, it's far more likely to dissipate than if we numb it and suppress it."
From Optimal Living Daily



It was already picked up for season two and getting huge ratings, but now, the rebooted sitcom Roseanne is canceled. ABC said no more. The reason? A (now deleted) racist tweet.
The LA Times says the star of the show, Roseanne Barr, tweeted about Valerie Jarrett, who is a former senior adviser to President Obama. She's also black. Barr referred to her as offspring of "the Muslim Brotherhood and the Planet of the Apes."
In less than 12 hours after the tweet: one of the producers (Wanda Sykes) quit, some of Barr’s cast members were condemning her, ABC canceled the show, and her agency dropped her as a client. Deadline reports Hulu also dropped the show, and Viacom cable channels won’t be airing reruns anymore.
ABC called the comment “abhorrent, repugnant and inconsistent with our values.” Roseanne Barr deleted the tweet and said sorry, but it was already too late. She also later apologized to Valerie Jarrett and to the hundreds of people who worked on the show who lost their jobs.
Valerie Jarrett responded on MSNBC. She says this whole thing should be used as a teaching moment.

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Tennis champ Serena Williams was the talk of the French Open yesterday. First of all, she won the first-round match. It’s a big deal because it was the first time she’s played Grand Slam tennis since before she gave birth and dealt with complications.

Grand Slam events are the four most important tennis tournaments each year.
People were also talking about her black bodysuit (she also called it a catsuit). Williams said:
1) It made her feel like a superhero
2) It’s for all the moms who had a tough pregnancy and try to come back and be fierce
3) It’s functional. She’s dealt with blood clots since giving birth, and the outfit helps with circulation.

She’ll be back for her next match tomorrow.

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Today, BTS is topping the charts and making history. Billboard says the boy band now officially has the number one album in the U.S., and became the first K-Pop artist or group to do it.
K-Pop (as in Korean pop) is a genre of music that started in South Korea. BTS members are the superstars of it right now. They were already named most-tweeted-about celebrities last year and have adoring fans all over the world. You may have seen them perform at the Billboard Music Awards earlier this month.

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