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Record-Breaking Tornadoes: Tornadoes hit outside Kansas City last night, and earlier in the week, a swarm of tornadoes hit Indiana and Ohio, taking out homes and injuring more than 100 people. Several states are still at risk for severe weather today. There has already been a record-breaking 12 straight days with several reports of tornadoes. Experts have called it "uncharted territory." 
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Abortion Ruling: The U.S. Supreme Court issued a new ruling regarding Indiana’s abortion law, and some are calling it a compromise. The Supreme Court decided to allow the part of the law that says fetal remains must be buried or cremated, but the ruling does not allow a ban on abortions based on the fetus' gender, race or disability. This case has been watched closely since several states have recently passed abortion bans that are also expected to be challenged in court.
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Abortion Laws Cont'd: Missouri could become the first state in the nation without an abortion clinic. Planned Parenthood says Missouri is “refusing to renew” its clinic’s license and is suing the state. State officials say the license is under review. Also of note: Netflix just became the first Hollywood studio to speak out against a new law in Georgia restricting abortions. Many movies and TV shows are made in that state due to tax incentives, so the industry is watching closely.  
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New Diabetes Data: New federal data shows the number of new diabetes cases in the U.S. is going down, even as obesity rates keep going up. Health officials aren't sure why, since the most common form of diabetes has been tied to obesity. Some experts say the decline may be partly due to doctors now urging patients to make healthier choices before they become diabetic.
Read more: TIME/AP

“Burnout” Diagnosis: The World Health Organization now recognizes "Burnout" and "Gaming Disorder" as actual medical conditions. If you feel deep, long-term stress because of your job, you could be diagnosed as “burned out,” while a gaming disorder is considered a type of addiction to video games. It’s considered a disorder or addiction if it interferes with daily life.
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TSA CBD Policy: TSA just updated its medical marijuana guidelines to allow passengers to bring some types of hemp-derived CBD on planes. The updated policy is based on the FDA’s approval of a children’s epilepsy drug that has CBD oil in it. It’s the first time TSA has given the green light to bring any CBD on board, but it’s not a free pass to bring marijuana. Approved items still cannot have THC, which is the chemical in marijuana that gets you high.
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Sports Illustrated Sold: Sports Illustrated was just sold in an “unusual” deal. Authentic Brands, a licensing company, bought Sports Illustrated for $110 million. Authentic Brands bought the “brand” or the intellectual property, which signals the brand is more valuable than the magazine itself.
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Giving Pledge: Mackenzie Bezos says she plans to give at least half of her fortune to charity. She was married to Amazon’s founder (and the world’s richest man), Jeff Bezos. After the couple split last month, Mackenzie became one of the richest people in the world. She says she has a “disproportionate amount of money to share,” so she signed The Giving Pledge. It encourages the world’s richest people to give money to charity.
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Apple iPod Returns: Apple is working on a new iPod Touch. The new device will have the same processors found in the iPhone 7, including more storage, but it will look similar to the sixth generation iPod that came out in 2015. The iPod Touch will cost between $200 - $400 depending on storage space. You can buy it now on Apple’s website.
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Moto Z4 Mistake: Amazon sold a new Motorola phone that’s not even for sale yet. In fact, the Moto Z4 hasn’t even been formally announced. Amazon listed the Amazon Exclusive model online a little too soon, and someone was able to order it. He even posted a video of himself unboxing it on YouTube. The leak could mean the phone will be available soon.
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