theNewsWorthy: Tuesday, May 21st, 2019


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Subpoena Battles: More testimony about the Mueller report was supposed to happen today, but don't expect to hear it. President Trump told former White House counsel Don McGhan not to comply, so even though he was subpoenaed to testify, it seems he'll be a no-show. House Democrats say they may hold him in contempt of Congress. Meanwhile, a federal judge ruled the White House cannot block a subpoena from Congress to get Trump's financial records. Trump plans to appeal.
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Read more (Financial Records): CNBC, Washington Post, The Hill, WSJ

T-Mobile & Sprint:
 The FCC chairman says he'll approve the big merger between the two big wireless carriers under a few conditions. The companies have reportedly agreed to build a new, faster 5G wireless network for much of the U.S. within a few years as well as provide cell service to more of rural America. But it's not a done deal yet. The Justice Department still has antitrust concerns and could block the merger.
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Google & Huawei: China's largest tech company, Huawei, is taking a major hit from the Trump administration's decision last week to effectively blacklist American companies from working with them. President Trump says it's about national security, although some experts say it's also about the ongoing trade dispute with China. Either way, Google and others, like Intel, say they'll scale back supplying software and products.
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AI Fights Cancer: Google says artificial intelligence is learning how to spot early stage cancer, sometimes even better than doctors. The AI-based tool reads CT scans with a reported 94 percent accuracy (and found five percent more cancer cases than doctors). The tech still needs some work and clinical research, but it's an encouraging start.
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Ford Layoffs: Ford is cutting thousands of jobs as part of a massive restructuring. About 7,000 salaried employees will be impacted between this week and August. Ford isn't alone. Automakers have cut tens of thousands of jobs around the world within the past year as they shift their focus to electric and self-driving cars.
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Impossible Pizza: Little Caesars is hopping on the meatless menu bandwagon with its new meatless "sausage" pizzas. The new "Impossible Supreme Pizza" will be in four cities to start, but if all goes well, the company says it'll rollout everywhere by the end of the year.
Read more: The Verge, Fox Business

GoT Record & Mistake: It's official: Game of Thrones series finale was HBO's most-watched show of all time with a record 19.3 million viewers Sunday night. But there was also another mistake! A couple weeks ago, it was a modern-day coffee cup spotted in a scene. This time, it was two modern-day plastic water bottles. 
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