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Classes have been cancelled Monday and Tuesday at Santa Fe High School, where unfortunately, there was another school shooting. Santa Fe is about 30 miles southeast of Houston.

The shooting happened Friday. The AP reports a total of ten people were killed: eight students and two teachers. Another 13 were hurt, including one of the school resource officers that first tried to stop the gunman. CNN reports the shooter is 17 years old. He had a shotgun and a handgun. He and officers apparently exchanged gunfire for 25 minutes before it all came to an end.
Reuters has one possible reason this happened, although police haven’t said if this is true yet. The mom of one of the victims says her daughter had rejected the teen who became the shooter. She says he made advances for four months until her daughter recently stood up to him, and it embarrassed him in class. Again, police haven’t released a motive, but the alleged shooter, that 17-year-old, is in custody. He's apparently confessed to what he did.
Yes, there’s more talk about gun control now, although some reports say you aren’t seeing much discussion about guns at all in Santa Fe. Instead, some Texas leaders are calling for more security in schools. It’s definitely not the same response as what we saw after the shooting in Parkland, Florida. Students there called for gun control and organized walkouts.
Of course, there’s also the talk of people coming together. Like the stories of heroes, from teachers helping students hide to the officers who helped stop it. The Santa Fe High School baseball team even decided to play their game this weekend. The New York Times reports supporters and fans packed the stadium and even those from other schools dressed in the Santa Fe colors. Many had signs that said, “We Are With You” and “Santa Fe Strong.”

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The U.S. trade war with China is “on hold.” That’s at least what the U.S. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin told Fox News yesterday. He says it’s part of broader trade negotiations happening now. Keep in mind we’re talking about the world’s two largest economies.
For now, the potential deal would mean the U.S. stops threats of tariffs on Chinese imports (that’s the part on hold), and in exchange, China will buy more U.S. goods and provide more protections around U.S. technology. Remember: China has been accused of stealing U.S. secrets and intellectual property in the past.
That said, it’s all still being negotiated, and there are still details we don’t know.

President Trump has said the current trade deal with China is an unfair deal, and he’s going to make it better for the U.S. The Washington Post reports some people think Trump is giving in too easily, taking tariffs off the table before the deal is done.

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Today, President Trump says he’ll officially “demand” the Justice Department investigate the FBI and figure out whether or not someone with the FBI pretended to be part of the Trump campaign (or if the campaign was put under surveillance).
But the FBI is part of the Justice Department. Fox News reports they’re involving the internal watchdog to take the lead on this one.

Also, Trump’s newest attorney, Rudy Giuliani, says he knows when the Russia investigation will come to an end. Giuliani says special counsel Robert Mueller told him it’ll end this September. It’s been one year since the investigation started. Mueller himself isn’t saying anything.

Remember: Mueller and his team are looking into whether anyone colluded with Russia to impact the presidential election in 2016.

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It’s the same volcano erupting, but now there’s a new danger on the Big Island of Hawaii. It’s called laze (as in lava and haze).
USA Today explains that now the lava coming from the Kilauea volcano has reached the ocean. When the super-hot lava hits the cold water, it produces hydrochloric acid steam and fine particles of glass. Yeah, not good.

Officials are warning people to stay away from any lava hitting the ocean, and they’re keeping an eye out for any laze that could be picked up by the wind.

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It’s the first drug approved by the FDA to treat chronic migraines (aka: prevent migraines before you get them). It’s a monthly shot called Aimovig.

TIME Health reports three other shots are expected to get approval by next year, and several pills that are meant to do the same thing are now in the testing stage.
A neurology professor told the Wall Street Journal that these drugs are a complete change in the way migraines are treated. Before, patients had to use drugs meant for other issues, like epilepsy.
This first shot approved isn’t exactly cheap. It’s nearly $7,000 a year without insurance. It’s not clear yet how insurance companies will handle it.

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Meghan Markle and Prince Harry got married on Saturday. They’re officially the Duke and Duchess of Sussex now.
Markle’s new father-in-law, Prince Charles, was the one to walk her down the aisle (remember, her dad ended up not coming). She did start walking down the aisle by herself, which was the first time a royal bride has done that.

Her bouquet had Forget-Me-Nots, which were Princess Diana's favorite type of flower. Of course, that’s Harry’s mom, who died in 1997. Other flowers from the wedding were later sent to charities.
Many showed their appreciation for the diversity of those involved in the royal wedding and the impact that can have on the world watching. Plenty of celebrities were there as guests as well, including Oprah Winfrey, Serena Williams, George and Amal Clooney, and more. The Telegraph says back in the U.S, more than 29 million Americans woke up early to watch the wedding on TV live.
Now the couple is back home. They’re putting off their honeymoon until later.

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The Billboard Music Awards were on last night. Kelly Clarkson was the host. The ceremony took place at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas.
At the start of the night, Kendrick Lamar, Ed Sheeran and Bruno Mars were tied for the most nominations, with 15 nods each. Sheeran ended up going home with the Top Artist award. There were a bunch of performances, including Janet Jackson. She performed on TV for the first time in nine years, and was honored with the Icon Award.

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There’s a new leader at the box office. This weekend, the newest superhero movie was number one: Deadpool 2. At last check, it has an 83 percent on Rotten Tomatoes.
The movie brought in $125 million in North America over the weekendVarietyreports it's not quite as much as the first Deadpool movie on its first weekend, which had the biggest opening weekend ever for an R-rated movie. Deadpool 2 came in second for that category. Not bad.
Deadpool 2 also got the third biggest debut of the year after Avengers: Infinity War and Black Panther. Yes, all superhero movies.

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