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Capitol Hill Standoffs: Today is the deadline. House Democrats gave Attorney General William Barr until today to submit the full, unredacted report from Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation. If Barr does not cooperate with the subpoena, Dems say they'll start the process to hold him in contempt. Meanwhile, Democrats are hoping to have Mueller testify on May 15th, but President Trump is now pushing back. Trump tweeted that Mueller should not testify, even though he originally said he’d be OK with it.
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Cohen in Prison: President Trump’s former personal lawyer and fixer Michael Cohen heads to prison today to begin a three-year sentence, and he’s expected to hold a press conference first. Cohen pleaded guilty to campaign-finance violations, tax evasion, bank fraud and lying to Congress. He tried offering up more information about Trump to prosecutors to get his sentence shortened, but they weren’t interested.
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Emergency Landings: Two planes made serious, emergency landings this weekend. At least 41 people were killed when a Russian plane burst into flames after landing. The Aeroflot aircraft took off from Moscow, and soon after take-off, pilots issued a distress call. Also, in the U.S. on Friday, a Boeing 737 plane slid off a runway into a shallow river at a military base in Jacksonville, Florida. The plane was coming from Cuba. All 140 passengers got off safely, though some of the pets on board didn’t make it. Investigators are still looking into what happened in both cases.
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Israel Airstrikes:  Tensions between Israel and Gaza escalated this weekend in the worst combat between the two in five years: more than 20 people were killed in two days. On Friday, a sniper hurt two Israeli soldiers, and then Palestinian militants in the Gaza strip fired more than 600 rockets at Israel. Israel fired back with airstrikes of its own. A cease-fire is now in the works.
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China Tariffs: Trade talks with China were supposed to start up again this week, but now China might back out because of a tweet from Trump. The president threatened to increase tariffs on $200 billion of Chinese goods -- from 10 percent to 25 percent. Trump says negotiations are simply moving “too slowly,” so this could be a way for him to apply last minute pressure.
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End to AIDS?:  Researchers studied 1,000 couples where one partner has HIV and the other doesn’t. They study found that if the HIV virus is fully suppressed with medication, then there’s no chance of infecting the other partner. In other words, researchers say, if everyone with HIV and AIDS were fully treated, it could help end the HIV pandemic. They call it a powerful message that may encourage more people to get tested and treated.
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Kentucky Derby Drama:  For the first time in the history of the Kentucky Derby, the horse that crossed the finish line first was disqualified for a foul on the track. All three race stewards agreed that the first horse, Maximum Security, veered out and interfered with other horses around the final turn. The victory instead went to the number two horse, Country House.
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Tiger Woods Medal:  Tiger Woods will receive the Presidential Medal of Freedom at the White House today. It’s the highest honor for a civilian. Trump said he’s giving it to Woods because of his “incredible success and comeback in sports” and life. Woods won his fifth Masters title last month. Some critics have questioned the president’s motives since Tiger Woods has agreed to design a golf course for Trump’s Dubai property.
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New Box Office Record: Avengers: Endgame is now the fastest film ever to earn more than $2 billion (and only five movies have ever made $2 billion). It's also now the second-highest grossing movie of all time after Avatar.
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Jeopardy Winning Streak: James Holzhauer has now won 22 games in a row on Jeopardy. That’s the second-highest number of consecutive wins in the history of the gameshow. He already broke the record for single-day cash winnings with about $111,000 in just one show, and a total of nearly $1.7 million in total winnings (so far).
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Historic Pageants: For the first time in pageant history, the winners of Miss USA, Miss Teen USA and Miss America are all black women. This year’s Miss USA is Cheslie Kryst, an attorney from North Carolina, who says she looks forward to continued progress.
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Met Gala: Celebrities from all over the world will attend the Met Gala tonight at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. The “party of the year” is mainly held to raise money for the Costume Institute and is considered fashion's biggest night. Tickets are $35,000, and celebrities pay up to $300,000 for a table. Lady Gaga and Harry Styles are co-hosting the event. You can livestream the red carpet arrivals starting at around 5 p.m. ET.
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Cinco de Mayo:  Many of you may have celebrated Cinco de Mayo yesterday, but a poll found only 22 percent of Americans know what Cinco de Mayo is actually about. It started as a day to celebrate Mexico’s victory over France when the French army marched toward Mexico City in 1862. It’s a pretty minor holiday in Mexico and is different from Mexican Independence Day, which is in September.
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