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Synagogue Shooting:  A synagogue near San Diego was attacked in what officials are calling a hate crime. Police say a 19-year old gunman killed one woman and injured three others, including the rabbi, on Saturday during services on the last day of Passover. Police say this weekend’s gunman might also be linked to a fire at a nearby mosque last month, and they’re investigating a manifesto he may have posted online. The shooter is in custody, but the rabbi is praising the brave men and women in the congregation. 
Read more: NBC News, The Washington Post, CNN, Reuters

NRA "Crisis": The president of the National Rifle Association is stepping down. In a resignation letter, Oliver North said the organization is dealing with a “clear crisis.” The announcement was made during the NRA’s convention in Indianapolis, where President Trump also took the stage to champion gun rights. The NRA faces multiple lawsuits and is now also facing an investigation by the New York Attorney General. The NRA says it's cooperating. 
Read more: The Washington Post, FOX News, CBS News

Crane Collapse:  A tower crane working on a new Google campus in Seattle fell on Saturday, hitting six cars and killing four people. It’s the first deadly crane collapse in more than a dozen years in Seattle, but officials say it could be awhile before they know what caused the collapse.
Read more: The Seattle Times, NBC News

Boeing’s Big Day: Today, U.S. regulators from three U.S.  agencies, including the FAA, as well as nine regulators from around the world are launching a new safety review of the Boeing 737 Max plane. The review is expected to last 90 days. Also today, the company’s CEO plans to hold his first news conference since the latest plane crash. Remember: All 737 Max planes have been grounded because of two deadly plane crashes just months apart.
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Avengers: Endgame:  As expected, the opening weekend of Avengers: Endgame shattered box office records. The movie brought in $350 million in North America alone, and $1.2 billion worldwide in just five days. That’s the fastest a film has ever hit the $1 billion mark.
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NFL Draft:  The number one NFL draft pick was Heisman Trophy winner Kyler Murray. The Oklahoma quarterback was selected number one overall by the Arizona Cardinals. Murray is the only player to be drafted in the first round of two major sports: both the NFL and MLB. He ended up choosing football over baseball.
Read more: USA Today, CBS Sports
Virginia Basketball: The Baylor Lady Bears will be on Capitol Hill today, becoming the first women’s championship team to visit President Trump since he took office. They beat Notre Dame last month to win the NCAA title. The University of Virginia men’s basketball team won the title as well but said it  “respectfully” declines a visit to the White House, blaming a scheduling issue.
Read more: ABC News, FOX News, Washington Post
Indiegogo Ban:  As the rate of measles cases goes up, more tech companies are cracking down on anti-vaccine messages on their platforms. Indiegogo is banning fundraisers with anti-vaccine messages and other health-related campaigns that are considered "unscientific."
Read more: TechCrunch, Engadget
Airbnb & Hotels:  Airbnb is moving into the traditional hotel space in a partnership with a major New York real estate developer. The plan is to designate ten floors of the iconic Rockefeller Plaza to apartment-style suites that can only be booked through Airbnb. The plan still needs final approval. Read more: CNBC, WSJ, Reuters
Taylor Swift Record:  Taylor Swift’s surprise song “Me!” is breaking records. The music video now has the most views in 24 hours for a solo artist on YouTube. The song also broke two records on Amazon: one for the most first-day streams, and another for the most on-demand voice requests with Alexa. “Me!” is the first single of Swift's upcoming album.
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