theNewsWorthy: Monday, April 22nd, 2019


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Easter Sunday Bombings: A series of bombings targeting churches, luxury hotels and other sites in Sri Lanka on Easter Sunday killed more than 200 people and wounded hundreds more, including several Americans. Officials say it was a terrorist attack by religious extremists. Police have arrested more than a dozen people, but no one group has claimed responsibility. Colombo (the capital of Sri Lanka) went on lockdown, and social media platforms have been temporarily blocked to prevent the spread of misinformation and rumors. World leaders, including Pope Francis and President Trump, are now condemning the violent attacks.
Read more: AP, CBS News, CNN, NYT

Ukraine President (IRL): A comedian who played the president in Ukraine on TV is now the president in Ukraine in real life. Volodymyr Zelenskiy doesn't have any real political experience, but exit polls show he won the election by a landslide.
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Impeachment Talk: There's more talk of impeaching President Trump. The chairmen of three House committees say they haven’t ruled it out, even though they realize there’s likely not enough support from both parties to actually impeach, convict and remove Trump from office. In fact, even other top Democrats have said they don't think impeachment is the right move if there isn't enough support for it. To be continued...
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Flu Season: According to the CDC, this year’s flu season has lasted 21 weeks now, which is the longest in a decade and one of the longest since the government started tracking more than 20 years ago. A little good news? It should be over soon.
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Earth Day:  It’s Earth Day, and this year’s theme is Protect Our Species, focused on protecting animals and plants threatened by people. Earth Day started nearly 50 years ago when protesters fought the negative impacts of industrial development. Now, says more than a billion people in almost 200 countries take part in the largest civic-focused day of action in the world.
Read more:, Quartz

Venmo Credit Card:  Venmo, which is owned by PayPal, is thinking about going old-school by offering a credit card. Credit cards can bring in a lot of money, and in spite of its large user base, Venmo still hasn’t turned a profit. There aren’t a lot of details yet, but the card could be announced sometime this year.
Read more: WSJ
Netflix Shuffle:  Not sure what to watch? Netflix is testing a new feature to try and help. It'll list some shows, like The Office, under a new row called “Play a Random Episode.” The feature is reminiscent of cable TV, which airs reruns of popular series throughout the day. Also of note from Netflix: a report says Netflix paid $60 million to partner with Beyoncé for three projects, so stay tuned for two more.
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Weekend Box Office:  The weekend box office was the slowest it’s been over Easter weekend since at least 2005. Still, horror movie The Curse of La Llorona came out on top, bringing in $26 million in North America. It’s likely ticket sales were down because no major studio wanted to release a big movie the weekend before Avengers: Endgame, which is expected to break records when it opens this Friday.
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