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Tax Day:  It’s Tax Day, which means your taxes need to be filed by midnight tonight (unless you live in Maine or Massachusetts – then you have until Wednesday April 17). Some post offices will be open late or you can file electronically before the deadline. You can also request an extension that gives you until October 15.
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Capitol Hill Roundup:  House Democrats are now giving the Trump administration until April 23 to hand over six years of Trump’s tax returns. The White House is still pushing back. Also, President Trump says he’s thinking about releasing migrants who cross the border illegally into so-called sanctuary cities. Those cities are known to limit how much they’ll cooperate with federal authorities who want to deport undocumented immigrants. Finally, Trump’s reelection campaign told the AP it’s raised $30 million in the past 3 months. That's more than the top two Democratic candidates combined.
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Rep. Omar Controversy:  In a recent speech, Minnesota Congresswoman Ilhan Omar, who is Muslim, talked about the September 11th attacks. Some media clipped part of the speech, highlighting when she said “some people did something” when referring to the attacks. President Trump then tweeted an edited video with the remark over video footage of the attacks. Critics say Omar downplayed the attack and disrespected the thousands who died, but others say her comments were taken out of context and Trump's tweet puts her in danger. Both are causing controversy and outrage.
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Severe Weather: Powerful storms killed at least eight people in the South over the weekend. Suspected tornadoes swept through Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama, leaving thousands of homes without power and about 2,000 flights canceled.
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Tiger Wins Masters:  Tiger Woods won the 2019 Masters over the weekend. This is his fifth Masters win overall but the first since 2005. It’s considered a dramatic comeback since a scandal derailed his career in 2009 and multiple injuries almost ended it.
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Boston Marathon, NBA Playoffs: The Boston Marathon is today. About 30,000 long distance runners will hit the streets for the 123rd iconic race. Also in sports: the NBA regular season is over and playoffs have begun. The Golden State Warriors are at the top of the Western Conference as the No. 1 seed. Star player Steph Curry also set the new record for postseason 3-pointers.
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World’s Largest Plane: The world's largest plane took off for the first time. It weighs half a million pounds and has a 385-foot wingspan (about the length of a football field). The plane is basically a launch pad that is ready to release satellites into low Earth orbit. It’s meant to give the military and NASA a less expensive way to get into space.
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Marijuana at Work:  A study from Quest Diagnostics shows more American workers are testing positive for drugs -- reaching a 14-year high. While some illicit drug-use has fallen, the main reason for the increase is marijuana. The study found more than two percent of U.S. employees tested positive for marijuana, including people who have safety-sensitive jobs like pilots, nuclear power plant operators and train conductors. Researchers aren't surprised since more states are legalizing marijuana.
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Rite Aid E-Cigs:  Rite Aid is getting rid of e-cigarettes in its stores because of the number of kids using them. Over the next three months, Rite Aid says it will take e-cigarettes and vaping products off shelves. The drug store will still sell traditional cigarettes.
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Netflix is a Joke:  Netflix will be on the radio today. Netflix and Sirius XM are joining forces to bring you the new comedy station called “Netflix is a Joke Radio.” It will focus on stand-up and highlights from Netflix Original Comedy programming. It’s on channel 93 on Sirius XM.
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Weekend Box Office:  Warner Bros.’ Shazam! was number one at the box office for the second weekend in a row. The movies Little and Hellboy came in second and third.
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