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Sec. Nielsen Out:  Department of Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen is resigning. It’s not clear whether she’s choosing to leave or being forced to resign, but reports say Trump hasn’t been happy with her. Customs and Border Protection Commissioner Kevin McAleenan will take Nielsen’s place, at least for now.
Read more: CBS News, USA Today, CNN, FOX News, Washington Post

Rwanda Genocide: It’s been 25 years since the Rwandan genocide. The country will mourn for 100 days – the same length as the conflict which killed about 800,000 people in 1994.
Read more: PBS, AP, BBC

UK’s New Tech Rules:  The UK is working on guidelines for online companies that would make them legally responsible for the illegal stuff that ends up on their sites. Substantial fines and even criminal penalties could be sought if the companies don’t do enough to get rid of content promoting things like cyber-bullying and child abuse.
Read more: CNN, Financial Times, BBC

Flight Cancellations:  American Airlines says it’s canceling flights into June because Boeing 737 Max planes are still grounded after the two deadly plane crashes. About 90 flights per day are cancelled. Other airlines have done something similar: Southwest has canceled all flights using the 737 Max planes through at least May. Meanwhile, Boeing says it's cutting back on making new 737 models, and the CEO says Boeing is putting together a committee to review how it designs and develops jets.
Read more: USA Today, CNN, NYT

Wild Weather:  Some intense weather including heavy rain, snow and big temperature changes will be coming to parts of the U.S. this week. Storms with heavy rain, flash flooding and wind will hit parts of the Southeast and the Carolinas today. Over the weekend, parts of the South were hit by flooding and severe thunderstorms – even a possible tornado in Texas, which caused power outages and flight cancellations. A major snow storm is expected to hit the North Central states later this week, which may cause travel delays.
Read more: AccuWeather, Weather Channel

NCAA Tournament:  March Madness will come to an end tonight: the NCAA Men’s National Championship game will be between the Virginia Cavaliers and the Texas Tech Red Raiders. Neither team has been in the National Championship before, so a lot is riding on tonight’s game. As for the women: Baylor won National Championship game last night 82-81.
Read more (Men’s): CBS Sports, USA Today
Read more (Women’s): NCAA
iPhone Scam:  Two college students allegedly scammed Apple, and the tech company lost about $900,000 because of it. The students are accused of sending fake iPhones to Apple saying they didn’t work and were under warranty; Apple sent real replacements and the students would sell them in China. Together, the students submitted about 3,000 warranty claims, with about half approved. They claim they didn’t know the phones were fake. Apple isn’t commenting.
Read more: NYT, Quartz
Netflix vs AirPlay:  Netflix has removed the ability to wirelessly cast its videos using Apple’s AirPlay. It’s basically because they can’t tell which TV you’re using when you do that, and they say that could affect quality. Netflix says it’s not a way to snub Apple, but critics aren’t so sure. Remember: Apple is coming out with its own new TV+ subscription video service (and Netflix decided not to be part of it).
Read more: The Verge, Gizmodo
Beyoncé Partnerships: Netflix posted a yellow image with the words “Homecoming" and "April 17.”  Homecoming is the name of Beyoncé’s new scholarship program, one of several clues that have fans excited about a possible special or documentary coming out on Netflix. There are rumors it will have unseen footage from her Coachella performance last year. By the way, Beyoncé also has a partnership with Adidas in the works. They’re re-launching her brand Ivy Park and will produce shoes and clothing.
Read more (Netflix): Instagram, AP/Time
Read more (Adidas): Business Insider, USA Today
Weekend Box Office:  Superhero movie Shazam! was number one at the box office over the weekend. It brought in $53 million in the U.S. and $158 million worldwide. It’s not a lot of money compared to other superhero films, but it cost less to make. Pet Sematary was number two, and Disney’s Dumbo was third.
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