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More Mueller: President Trump is now praising Special Counsel Robert Mueller and said he acted honorably – a different tone than when he previously called the whole thing a “witch hunt.” Some Republicans are calling for interviews and investigations into officials who claimed they had evidence of wrongdoing. Meanwhile, House Democrats want Attorney General William Barr to release the full report from Mueller’s investigation to Congress by April 2nd so they can see it for themselves. Remember: Attorney General William Barr’s summary of Mueller’s report said the investigation found Trump did not conspire with Russia, but it was inconclusive about whether he obstructed justice.
Read more: WSJ, AP, NBC News

Celebrity Attorney Arrested:  Celebrity attorney Michael Avenatti is now accused of trying to extort more than $20 million from Nike. Federal prosecutors say Avenatti threatened to destroy Nike’s reputation if the company wouldn’t pay him. Avenatti used to represent adult film star Stormy Daniels, who said she had an affair with President Trump and was paid to keep quiet. Avenatti is also facing other wire and bank fraud charges and could face up to 50 years behind bars if found guilty. He told reporters he'll be found innocent.
Read more: FOX News, WSJ, VOX

Bump Stock Ban:  It is now illegal to own a bump stock in the U.S. Bump stock owners were given 90 days to turn them in or destroy them, and now, the national ban goes into effect today. Bump stocks basically turn semi-automatic rifles into machine guns. Bump stocks became even more controversial after one was used in the Las Vegas shooting in 2017.
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Israel Executive Order: President Trump has now formally recognized Israeli authority over the Golan Heights, but it’s a controversial move. The U.N. recognizes the area as Syria’s. The signing happened during back and forth attacks in the region. A Hamas rocket struck Israel, hurting 7 people, so then Israel hit Hamas targets in the Gaza Strip.
Read more: NYT, AP

All-Female Spacewalk Canceled: That first-ever all-female spacewalk that was supposed to happen later this week won’t be happening after all. The reason? Spacesuits. NASA says they only have one spacesuit that is the right size for both women, so it’ll be a co-ed team taking a spacewalk instead. That said, both astronauts originally scheduled will become the 13th and 14th women to perform a spacewalk; they just won't go together.
Read more: CNET, CNN, NASA

Apple Event Details:  As expected, Apple officially revealed several new subscription services at its event yesterday. The new streaming service, Apple TV+ is expected to launch this fall with exclusive shows, movies and documentaries. The service will be ad-free, but it’s not clear how much it’ll cost yet. There’s also the Apple Arcade gaming subscription service and access to magazines via an Apple News subscription. Apple also announced a new credit card option, called Apple Card.
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Streaming Subscribers: A report says, as of 2018, there are now more video streaming subscribers than cable subscribers, although cable still wins when it comes to revenue.
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Dr. Dre Post:  Rapper Dr. Dre posted a photo with a caption saying his daughter got into college on her own without “jail time,” likely referring to the college admissions scandal involving wealthy parents accused of paying big bucks to get their kids into prestigious colleges. His comment sort of backfired: people were quick to remind Dr. Dre that he had donated $70 million to the school several years ago, which was enough to get him to take the post down.
Read more: Variety, NBC News
World’s Biggest T. rex: Scientists have discovered the world’s largest Tyrannosaurus rex skeleton ever unearthed. It was just under 20,000 pounds and 42 feet long. Scientists found the T. rex’s skeleton in Canada 30 years ago, but it took a while to remove it from the ground. An exhibit featuring "Scotty" the T. rex is opening in May.
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