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FAA & Boeing Investigation:
  The FBI is planning to investigate the FAA’s process for approving the Boeing 737 Max 8 following two separate plane crashes. Remember: most of the Boeing 737 Max 8s and 9s around the world are grounded until we know more about what caused the crashes. European and Canadian regulators are also wary of taking the FAA’s word about what to do next. They’re launching their own reviews. Finally, a report from Bloomberg says the day before the Lion Air flight crashed in Indonesia in October, the same plane almost crashed. It apparently had an off-duty pilot on board who knew what was happening and saved everyone.
Read more: Seattle Times, AP, Bloomberg

Fed Interest Rates:  The Federal Reserve won’t be raising interest rates this year because of the slowing economy. The news was welcomed on Wall Street, but the Fed will likely raise the key interest rate at least once next year.
Read more: Bloomberg, CNBC, USA Today

Brexit Delay:  The U.K. is set to leave the E.U. in eight days, but how – and if – it’ll happen is still a big question mark. Britain’s Prime Minister Theresa May asked the European Union for a three-month extension, meaning the U.K. wouldn’t leave the E.U. until the end of June. The E.U. hasn’t approved it yet, and said it'll only OK the extension if the UK Parliament approves a Brexit deal by next week. Parliament has already rejected a divorce deal twice.
Read more: AP, Washington Post

Google Fined By E.U.:  The European Union is fining Google for violating antitrust regulations for a third time. This time, the fine is $1.7; Google has been fined $9 billion in total. 
Read more: CNN, NYT

Peloton Sued:  Peloton is facing a $150 million lawsuit. The company, which makes interactive stationary spin bikes, allegedly used 1,000 songs in its livestream spinning classes without artists’ permission. According to the lawsuit, some of the videos used music from popular artists including Bruno Mars, Lady Gaga, and Drake. Peloton says it respects songwriters and artists and is evaluating the complaint.
Read more: WSJ. CNET
Most Expensive Cities:  Paris, Hong Kong and Singapore are the most expensive cities in the world, according to The Economist’s worldwide cost-of-living survey. The survey found two U.S. cities in the top 10:  New York came in seventh, and Los Angeles in tenth.
Read more: The Economist
Apple AirPods:  Apple announced its second generation AirPods ahead of next week’s big event. The new AirPods will come with a new wireless charging case, better battery life, and improved integration with Siri. 
Read more: The Verge, Apple
AI Google Doodle:  Google created the first AI-powered Google Doodle. It's the logo on the homepage that changes every day. Well, the new artificial intelligence doodle looks like a piano and will allow users to play a song on it using AI. This is all in honor of composer Johann Bach's birthday. You can see it today and tomorrow.
Read more: Engadget
Woodstock Anniversary:  It’s been 50 years since Woodstock, and an anniversary concert series is in the works. The three-day festival will be in upstate New York in August. Tickets go on sale April 22.
Read more: NBC News
Purim:  Happy Purim! The celebration of the Jewish holiday started last night at sundown and ends at sundown tonight. Purim is a fun holiday where people dress up in costumes, and eat traditional foods.
Read more:
First Bird Fossil With Egg:  For the first time ever, scientists have found a bird fossil with an egg inside of it. It was found in China. The bird died there more than a million years ago, and is now part of a newly-described species that likely lived alongside dinosaurs.
Read more: National Geographic, FOX News

Thing to Know Thursday:

Spring Cleaning Tips

Today’s Guest: Becky “Clean Mama” Rapinchuk

Becky Rapinchuk is known as “Clean Mama.” She’s a cleaning and homekeeping expert, business owner and author of the books, Clean Mama’s Guide to a Healthy Home, 2019, Simply Clean, 2017, The Organically Clean Home, 2014. She’s also a wife and mom to three, a business owner, and a former art teacher. Her blog helps people discover new ways to do the mundane tasks of homekeeping and to bring a little more fun into the process. She’s been featured everywhere from Oprah Magazine to Good Housekeeping and more.

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