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New Zealand Shootings: Shootings in at least two mosques in the city of Christchurch, New Zealand left at least 40 people dead. Police also defused a number of explosive devices on cars. Three men and a woman have been taken into custody. New Zealand’s prime minister says it’s one of the country’s "darkest days."
Read more: AP, Bloomberg, NBC News, Daily Mail

North Korea Statement:  North Korea leaders say they're rethinking talks with the U.S and reconsidering its ban on missile tests. A top official said the U.S. threw away a golden opportunity to make a deal. He's referring to the summit with President Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un last month in Vietnam.
Read more: AP, CNBC

Trump's First Veto:  President Trump is now planning the first veto of his presidency. Why? The Senate voted yesterday to block President Trump’s declaration of a national emergency at the southern border (the first time both the House & Senate have voted to stop a presidential national emergency order). While a dozen Republicans voted with Democrats in the Senate, that’s still not enough votes to override the president’s likely veto. Also of note from Capitol Hill: lawmakers in the House voted 420-0 to demand the final report in the Russia investigation be released to the public. We'll see if it works.
Read more (Veto Expected): NYT, The Hill, AP
Read more (Mueller Report): CBS News

Beto Announcement: Beto O’Rourke officially joined the long list of Democrats running for president. He's spending the rest of the week campaigning in Iowa. O’Rourke gained national attention for nearly turning Texas blue: he narrowly lost to Sen. Ted Cruz in 2018.
Read more: CNN, NYT, CNBC

College Students Sue: Eight universities involved in the high-profile college admissions scandal from earlier this week are now facing a federal class-action lawsuit. Two Stanford students filed the suit, claiming Yale, Stanford, UCLA and other schools failed to properly oversee the admissions process.
Read more: Stanford Daily, LA Times
Students Strike:  Today hundreds of thousands of students around the world are expected to skip class to go on strike and protest for more action against climate change. Swedish teenager Greta Thunberg is leading the way, and she’s now nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize.
Read more: The Guardian, CBS News
Tesla SUV Reveal:  Elon Musk took the stage in Los Angeles to pitch a new all-electric SUV from Tesla. The Model Y seats seven and has a panoramic glass roof. The Model Y compact SUV and the Model 3 car are Tesla’s more affordable vehicles, and the company is testing if it can go more mainstream.  
Read more: CNBC, Business Insider, WSJ
Facebook Outage Cause:  Facebook blames a “server configuration change” for the massive outage earlier this week. Instagram. Facebook and WhatsApp were affected. The outage was the largest ever recorded by the outage tracking service Downdetector.
Read more: USA Today, Engadget, TechCrunch
Britney on Broadway:  The music of Britney Spears is heading to Broadway. Once Upon A One More Time is about fairytale princesses with a feminist twist. Spears isn’t actually in the show herself, but still calls it a dream come true. The show opens this fall.
Read more: People, CNN
Butterflies in SoCal:  Butterflies have taken over the skies of Southern California. Millions of the orange and black butterflies known as painted ladies are creating quite a show as they migrate north from Mexico.
Read more: Travel + Leisure, KTLA
St. Patrick’s Day:  St. Patrick’s Day is this Sunday, March 17th. One of the top places to be is New York for the St. Patty's Day parade Saturday. It usually draws a crowd of two million people, with 150,000 marching in the parade. Chicago dyes its river green every year for the holiday, while companies like McDonald’s, Chili’s and Aldi are offering specials (including the Shamrock Shake ;)
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