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Record Budget Request:  President Trump’s 2020 budget request set a record for the largest budget proposal in history at $4.7 trillion. The plan calls for a five percent increase in military spending, along with $8.6 billion for a border wall. It’s unlikely to pass: Congress typically doesn’t approve the president’s first budget request, and the Democrats who control the House of Representatives have made it clear that they’re not on board. A deal must be made by the end of September to avoid another government shutdown.
Read more: WSJ, The Washington Post, Axios

Dems Choose Milwaukee: We now know the Democratic National Convention will be held in Milwaukee, Wisconsin during the summer of 2020 (the Republican National Convention will be in Charlotte, North Carolina).
Read more : NPR, The Hill

FOX News Controversies: 1- Democrats told FOX News it cannot host any of its presidential primary debates, even though the network requested it. 2- Democratic Rep. Ilhan Omar is actually thanking FOX News after the network publicly condemned comments from its weekend host Jeanine Pirro. 3- Another FOX News host, Tucker Carlson, is facing backlash for recorded misogynistic remarks that resurfaced online.
Read more: AP, The Washington Post, CNN
Plane Crash Latest:  It could be weeks or months before investigators figure out the cause of Sunday’s deadly plane crash in Ethiopia, but the "black box" has been found (flight data and voice recorders). As for the Boeing 737 Max 8 jetliner, there are still some concerns: the same model crashed shortly after takeoff in Indonesia in October. Nearly two dozen airlines around the world have grounded the model, though at least a dozen carriers still believe they’re safe, including American and Southwest Airlines. The FAA and Boeing also say the planes are safe, but the company plans to issue a software update.
Read more: NYT, AP

Venezuela Update:  A massive blackout has been going on for several days in Venezuela, and leaders are pointing fingers at who’s to blame. Opposition leader Juan Guaidó – who the U.S. supports – plans to call for a "state of national emergency," claiming the outage is a sign the country “has truly collapsed.” He blames an outdated power plant for the outage, while President Nicolas Maduro says the U.S. sabotaged Venezuela with a cyber-attack.
Read more: CNN, NYT
Renewable Energy: Two European firms are backing a big project in the U.S that would use wind and solar energy from the upper Midwest to help power the Eastern U.S., essentially creating a giant extension cord through the center of America. The SOO Green Renewable Rail is a $2.5 billion project. Developers hope to make it happen by 2024.
Read more: WSJ
Tesla Flip-Flop:  Tesla has changed its mind and won’t close all of its retail stores after all. Instead, the company will raise most prices by three percent, starting next week. The price hike will help pay for keeping some physical stores open. The flip-flop has investors worried the company doesn’t have a solid strategy.
Read more: USA Today, The Verge
Uber Kitchens:  Uber is testing yet another way to make money, this time renting out kitchens. The commercial-grade kitchens come fully equipped and are meant for businesses who sell food through delivery apps like Uber Eats. Uber’s former CEO Travis Kalanick has already created a similar kitchen rental startup called CloudKitchens.
Read more: Bloomberg
Twitter’s ‘twttr’:  Twitter wants some users to help test out new features, and the new testing-only app is now live. The prototype ‘twttr’ app will test things like new designs for conversations. To use the new app, you’ll have to apply.
Read more: TechCrunch 

Apple Event:  Apple’s next big event is scheduled for March 25, and the invitations that went out this week say “it’s show time,” leading many to think Apple will be talking about its new video streaming service and Apple News subscription. Of course, new products like Airpods and a wireless charging pad may also be in the mix, too.
Read more: The Verge

#Trashtag: A new trend online is doing some good offline. The viral hashtag #trashtag encourages people to take 'before' pictures of areas with litter and 'after' pictures of the space all cleaned up. 
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