theNewsWorthy: Wednesday, February 27th, 2019


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North Korea Summit 2.0:
  Today is the first day of the second round of meetings between President Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un. This second summit is happening in Vietnam's capital, Hanoi. It comes eight months after the first historic meeting in Singapore. This time, Trump is facing more pressure to move past “breaking the ice” to make a concrete deal with North Korea. The first meeting is happening early this morning, which is the evening in Vietnam. 
Read more: CNN (live updates), NYT, Reuters

Cohen Testifies:  President Trump’s former lawyer and fixer, Michael Cohen, will testify publicly before the House Oversight and Reform Committee today, and some are calling it 'must-see TV.' Reports say Cohen may claim he has evidence that Trump lied, cheated and committed crimes. Cohen was once loyal to Trump but turned on his former boss and started cooperating with the special counsel’s Russia investigation. He pleaded guilty to lying to Congress and committing campaign finance violations. He says it was all President Trump's orders. The White House says Cohen is lying.
Read more (Cohen Testifies): Vox, The Washington Post, AP
Read more (Disbarred in NY): Time/Bloomberg

Migrants Sexually Assaulted:  Newly-released documents show more than 4,500 children said they were assaulted in U.S. government custody after crossing the U.S.-Mexico border alone or separated from their families. The allegations go back about four years. Most say they were abused by other minors, but some point to the adults. The Department of Health and Human Services says they are taking the allegations seriously and plan to investigate.
Read more: USA Today, U.S. News & World Report, Axios

Fed Chair Warning:  Fed Chairman Jerome Powell says the U.S. economy is strong – with a side of caution and conflicting signals. Powell told a Senate committee that the Fed is keeping an eye on challenges overseas in recent months. Tensions with China and uncertainty surrounding Britain leaving the European Union could affect trade and global markets. Powell also called it “very troubling” that so many Americans aren’t working despite a record number of job openings.
Read more: CNBC, Washington Post
Fiat Chrysler Jobs:  Fiat Chrysler is hiring. The automaker plans to spend $4.5 billion to expand factory operations in Michigan, adding about 6,500 jobs in the state. It would mean the first new auto assembly plant in Detroit in almost three decades.
Read more: WSJ, AP
FTC Task Force:  The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has created a new task force focused on big tech. The goal is to keep an eye on companies like Facebook and Google and to ensure that mergers don’t hurt competition or consumers. Side note: the FTC also brought its first case against a company allegedly using fake reviews on Amazon.
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Walmart Greeter Controversy:  Walmart greeters will now be called "Customer Hosts." The new name comes with new requirements (and new controversy): customer hosts must be able to stand, climb a ladder, collect carts and lift 25 pounds. People with physical disabilities say they feel targeted by the policy changes and have lost their jobs, so some have filed a lawsuit.
Read more: Business Insider, NPR
Most In-Demand Jobs:  Yahoo Finance used data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics to make a list of jobs with the most openings in 2019 in each U.S. state. You can check out the jobs and the map below: 
Read more: Yahoo Finance

Teenage Soccer Star:  Olivia Moultrie is just 13 years old, but she’s already making history as a pro soccer player. She just signed a deal with a sports agency and a multiyear endorsement deal with Nike. At 11, Moultrie became the youngest girls soccer player to publicly accept a college scholarship offer. Now she’s the youngest to officially give it up to go pro: her Nike deal was reportedly worth more than a four-year full-ride scholarship.
Read more: NYT, Bleacher Report
TODAY Co-Host:  Jenna Bush Hager will replace Kathie Lee Gifford as co-host of TODAY’s fourth hour. She’ll be co-hosting with Hoda Kotb. Gifford will be leaving the show in April after 11 years there. Jenna Bush Hager is an author, journalist and the daughter of former President George W. Bush.
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Janet Jackson in Vegas:  Janet Jackson is heading to Sin City. Her first Las Vegas residency, called 'Metamorphosis,' starts in May and will center around Jackson's life. It features a 30-year anniversary tribute to her album Rhythm Nation. Tickets go on sale this weekend.
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