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(Scroll down to learn more about our guest today: salary negotiation coach, Kathlyn hart)


FBI to Trump: Don’t Release the Memo: WSJ, FOX News


CDC Director Steps Down: TIME, CNN, NYT


Amtrak Train Crash: NYT


FEMA + Puerto Rico: CNN, NPR


U.S. Homeownership Rates Rise: WSJ


Toyota Recall: USA Today / AP


Amazon’s Treasure Truck at Whole Foods: Gizmodo


Alexa Lost Her Voice Commercial: Digital Trends (video), TechCrunch


Super Mario Film: Reuters



with Kathlyn Hart:

Kathlyn Hart is a salary negotiation coach on a mission to help women earn more. Through her coaching, speaking and online negotiation bootcamp "Be Brave Get Paid" she helps women gain the skills and the confidence to negotiate for the income they deserve.

In addition, she hosts The Big Leap Show podcast where she interviews badass women about their journey of going from dreaming to doing.


Website, Be Brave Get Paid Course, Instagram, Twitter


Read More:

Millennials More Transparent about Pay: WSJ 

 ‘Pay Secrecy” Policies at Work: NPR


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