theNewsWorthy: Monday, January 28th, 2019


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Shutdown Paused:  The longest government shutdown in U.S. history has ended -- for now. President Trump agreed Friday to reopen the government while talks on border security continue. But, he’s prepared to let the government shut down again in three weeks if Congress doesn’t provide funding for a wall (or he says declaring a national emergency is also an option). In the meantime, 800,000 federal workers will finally get paid after missing two paychecks.
Read more: AP, Washington Post, WSJ, Reuters, USA Today

Roger Stone Indicted:  The FBI arrested one of President Trump’s former advisers and lifelong associates: Roger Stone. He was indicted on seven counts and is due in federal court tomorrow. The charges against Stone are the latest in special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation. Stone says he’s innocent and the investigation is politically motivated, but that he would consider cooperating with prosecutors.
Read more:  NBC News, ABC News, FOX News

Race to 5G:  The U.S. is putting pressure on its allies to stop Chinese tech firms from building 5G networks, claiming that if Huawei, ZTE or other Chinese companies build 5G-capable networks, it could give them a military and economic edge. Some nations are on board, while others aren't so sure. Meanwhile, the trade war between the U.S. and China continues, and Canada recently detained Huawei’s CFO at the request of the U.S.
Read more: NYT, CNBC

International Events:  Hundreds of people in Brazil are missing after a dam the size of a 28-story building collapsed, causing a deadly mudslide. Dozens are confirmed dead, but the death toll is expected to rise in the coming days. In the Philippines, two bombs went off minutes apart at a Catholic cathedral. At least 20 died and dozens are injured. It happened in an area where jihadist groups are active; ISIS claimed responsibility.
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Read more (Philippines Bombing): BBC

Internat'l Holocaust Remembrance Day: Sunday was International Holocaust Remembrance Day. This weekend marked 74 years since Auschwitz was liberated.
Read more: AP, NPR
Record Low Temps:  Parts of the U.S. are seeing record-breaking cold temperatures: Minnesota saw a low of -45°F, and below-zero temps are expected to last for two to three days this week. Cities like Fargo, Minneapolis and Chicago will see the extreme cold by Wednesday (the kind that can cause frostbite in minutes).
Read more: AccuWeather, ABC News
Facebook Merging Apps: Facebook may be linking Instagram, WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger for the first time, according to a report by The New York Times. They have a combined 2.6 billion users, and merging them is meant to make it easier to message across services. Each would still be its own app, and all messages would be encrypted. Critics worry about privacy and antitrust violations. It's expected to happen either at the end of this year or early 2020.
Read more: NYT
Samsung Going Greener:  Samsung is rethinking its packaging, ditching plastic molds for phones, headphones and tablets. The company is also reducing plastic use with chargers by giving them a matte (rather than glossy) finish. There are also new rumors about its next phone: the Samsung Galaxy S10, which will be announced next month. It's said to have a second front-facing camera and great battery life.
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Smart Groceries:  Walgreens is testing out “smart coolers.” The refrigerators are equipped with cameras to scan customers’ faces to analyze things like age and gender. The smart coolers are being used to better understand who is buying what, and what ads and placements work best. The test is happening in Chicago, with plans to expand to New York and San Francisco.
Read more: The Atlantic, WSJ
Australian Open: Novak Djokovic is the Australian Open men’s champion. He made tennis history last night as the first to win seven Australian Open titles. Naomi Osaka – the women’s champ – also made history: she’s now number one in the world, becoming the first singles player from Asia to hold the top spot.
Read more: ESPN, USA Today
SAG Awards:  Black Panther won big at the SAG Awards last night: it was the first time a superhero movie won Best Ensemble, the SAG equivalent of Best Picture. Amazon’s The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel took home three awards, including Best Comedy.
Read more: CNN, The Hollywood Reporter