theNewsWorthy: Wednesday, January 16th, 2019


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Shutdown Strategy:  It’s now day 26 of the shutdown, and neither side is budging. President Trump tried a new strategy to end the partial government shutdown: get moderate Democrats to join Republicans in voting to fund a border wall. So far, it hasn't worked. For now, President Trump is calling on tens of thousands of IRS, FAA and other employees who have been on unpaid leave to return to work without pay to help ease the effects. It’s the first time in history the Coast Guard is working without pay. Now, a report says the lack of paychecks for federal employees is taking a measurable toll on the economy.
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Brexit Plan:  UK Prime Minister Theresa May could face a vote of no confidence as soon as today following yesterday’s loss. Prime Minister May has been trying to get lawmakers to approve a “Brexit” agreement she made with the E.U., but Parliament rejected her proposal by hundreds of vote (the biggest loss for any sitting UK government). The UK is set to leave the EU in March, and for now, it looks like it may happen without a clear exit plan.
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Online Gambling:  The U.S. Justice Department is issuing firmer rules against all forms of online gambling. The new restrictions are different from the 2011 opinion, which said only online sports betting is banned. The gambling industry isn’t happy, so it’s likely that the interpretation will be challenged in court.
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Best Banks:  Bankrate has named Capital One as the best big bank in America. Bankrate says it considered thousands of different data points in its ranking. Winners in other bank categories include Ally Bank and Alliant Credit Union.
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Netflix Price Hike:  Netflix subscription prices will go up by 13 to 18 percent. The most popular plan, which allows two devices to be used at once, will rise from $10.99 per month to $12.99. At least investors were happy: Netflix shares went up nearly 7 percent after the news was announced.
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Nike’s Smart Shoes:  Nike is taking pre-orders for its first 'smart' shoe. The self-lacing shoes will require charging every two weeks. The Adapt BB sneakers will auto-adjust to the shape of players’ feet, adapting as they play. A pair costs $350. Although some people have privacy concerns as it gives new meaning to “tracking your every step.”
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Ad Controversy:  Gillette’s new ad is generating mixed reactions. It focuses more on the #MeToo movement, bullying and toxic masculinity than it does on shaving. Gillette’s owner, Procter & Gamble, said the ad is meant to inspire change, encourage open dialogue and show men that saying 'boys will be boys' is not an excuse for bad behavior. Some people applauded the company, saying it's an important statement, while others criticized it, saying it unnecessarily put all men in a bad light. You can watch the ad here.
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Carol Channing Dies:  Broadway legend Carol Channing has died. According to her publicist, she passed away at home of natural causes at the age of 97. Channing is best known for her role in Hello, Dolly and also appeared on TV and in movies throughout her career.
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Alicia Keys to Host Grammys:  The biggest night in music will be hosted by Alicia Keys! Keys has already won 15 Grammys, but this will be her first time hosting the ceremony. The Grammy Awards will be broadcast live on CBS on Sunday, February 10.
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