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Shutdown Latest:  President Trump plans to address the nation on prime-time TV tonight, and it'll be the first national address live from the Oval Office. Will he declare a 'national emergency' in order to secure funds for a border wall without approval from Congress? If so, expect a court battle. Either way, major networks will carry the national address, which starts at 9 p.m. EST. That’s not all: the president also plans to travel to the southern border later this week. It’s now day 18 of the shutdown.
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Ginsburg Works from Home:  Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg missed some oral arguments in court for the first time as a Supreme Court Justice (since 1993). Ginsburg has been working from home this week to rest after last month's surgery. She's expected to make a full recovery. She's 85.
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Samsung Surprise:  Samsung is the latest tech giant to announce that it won’t hit profit and sales estimates. It instead expects a 30 percent drop in quarterly profits. The South Korean company blames weak demand for its memory chips and growing competition for smartphones. The trade war between the U.S. and China hasn’t helped. Meanwhile, trade talks between the U.S. and China are underway in Beijing today.
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New Stock Exchange:  A new low-cost stock exchange could be coming. Morgan Stanley, Bank of America, Fidelity and others plan to partner to launch the “Members Exchange,” or MEMX, offering lower fees than well-established competitors like the New York Stock Exchange and Nasdaq. Approval from the SEC can take a year or longer, but the new exchange could become a reality in 2020.
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CES Starts:  The 2019 CES kicks off today in Las Vegas. The Consumer Electronics Show is one of the largest trade shows in the world. Each year, the world’s biggest tech companies and startups reveal their best new gadgets. What can you expect this year? Samsung may fully reveal its foldable phone, and Hyundai may show us a concept car with robotic legs. 8K TVs, 5G-enabled devices and smart homes are also expected to be big this year. More details to come...
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Kroger + Microsoft:  Kroger is testing smart shelves in partnership with Microsoft. Shoppers can use an app to find the items on their shopping lists by aisle, and then they’ll see a personal icon appear on the digital shelf below the item. The smart shelves also can even display changing prices or ads to customers. For now, Kroger is testing the shelves in two stores, but if all goes well, it could roll out across the country.
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Disneyland Prices:  Ticket prices for Disneyland are going up again. The least expensive daily ticket will top $100. This 25 percent increase comes less than a year after another 18 percent increase. One reason for the recent price hikes? The $1 billion Star Wars expansion opens this summer.
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College Football Champs:  The Clemson Tigers are now national champions. It’s their second national title in three years. Clemson became the first team in modern college football history to finish the  season 15-0. Clemson crushed Alabama last night, winning the College Football National Championship 44-16.
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TV Premieres:  At least 20 significant TV shows make their series or season debuts this week, including The Bachelor (aired last night). Grey’s Anatomy airs next week, and ABC just added three episodes to season 15. That means Grey's will beat E.R. to become TV’s longest-running prime-time medical drama.
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